Dear Carol

"Dear Carol, my mom won't let me wear makeup"

Dear Carol, 

My mom says I'm not allowed to wear makeup, I'm only allowed to wear concealer and lip gloss (and even that was a big step). I don't want to wear makeup to fit in—I just want to be creative and feel a little more comfortable in my own skin. I've had like 20 different conversations with her...and she always says no. I get that I'm young, and I understand why she says no, but I still want to be allowed to wear more than concealer and lip gloss.

- Mom and Makeup

Dear Mom and Makeup, 

Time is on your side. And you can find other ways to be creative and fashionable: a fresh haircut or new earrings or tops or sandals? As for being comfortable in your skin, that's a great goal, and that can come from recognizing and honing your strengths and liking the person you are, with or without products. In the meantime, if you really want to experiment with makeup, maybe you and a friend can do so at a sleepover. No need to wear it outside. 

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by GL | 4/27/2022