Dear Carol

"Dear Carol, I'm scared of being ditched by my friends"

Dear Carol,

I’ve been feeling like my friends are pulling away. I haven’t seen them since school ended, and they hardly ever respond to my texts anymore. I’m starting high school in the fall, and I’m scared of being alone without friends I can turn to.

- Scared Of Being Alone

Dear Scared Of Being Alone,

High school will be a great time to make brand new friends. It’s often easier than middle school because people are more comfortable with who they are and less concerned about popularity. You’ll find your people by joining chorus or soccer or student council or the yearbook committee. Keep an eye out for new kids, too. Even though it might feel bad right now, it’s normal to shake up friendships at your age—and this shift could end up being a good thing. As for summertime fun, can you visit your aunt or grandparents? Be a tourist in your own city? Volunteer? Take a class? Meet a new neighbor? And try texting your friends again. “Hope you’re having a good summer. Want to go to the___?” Fill in the blank: movies/state fair/bookstore. Name a date: Tomorrow? Saturday? Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

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by GL | 6/21/2024