The ultimate gift list for your Virgo bestie

Helloooo Virgo season! If you have a Virgo bestie, you're one of the lucky ones. Practical, meticulous and loyal, these earth signs are some of the most reliable people you'll meet. Love your Virgo BFF and want to get her something she'll appreciate? Look no further. We've got ten gift ideas perfect for the Virgo in your life.

Pretty bookends

Etsy, $28

There are few things that Virgos love more than practical but aesthetic gifts. If your BFF is a reader or just likes to have a well-organized bookshelf, they'll love these unique geode bookends from Etsy. 

Pencil case

Etsy, $17

Again, practicality is key. With school back in session, Virgos will appreciate a cute pencil case that they can get some good use out of. Bonus points if you fill the pencil case with their fave goodies, like nail polish or candy!

Matcha set

Amazon, $14

The Virgo matcha-lover in your life will *adore* you if you get them a matcha whisk or set. Matcha clumps, begone! 

Virgo necklace

Amazon, $8

We, of course, have our zodiac-themed jewelry because who wouldn't want to display the fact that they're a Virgo? After all, Beyoncé and Zendaya are Virgos too. We're obsessed with this simple gold pendant from Amazon that will look good with any outfit.

Artsy canvas tote

Redbubble, $16

These canvas totes are giving off some *major* earth sign vibes, and you can also use these as gift bags to hold other presents you want to give your Virgo BFF. Who can say no to a versatile, aesthetic bag?

Cute baking utensils

ModCloth, $35

These *adorbs* measuring cups are perf for the baker Virgo because they're both cute and useful (can we emphasize practicality enough?). Any pretty, aesthetic baking utensils will work, but these cat cups will for sure have your bestie saying "aww."


Lula's Garden, $28

Take these Virgos back to their earth sign roots by gifting them a succulent like this one or one from a local nursery. Virgos like to feel useful, and what better way is there to feel useful than to take care of a living being?

Book journal

Amazon, $28

Contrary to popular belief, not *all* Virgos are uber-organized, but some of them really do love to have things kept in order. Instead of going for something like a planner, go for the less obvious book journal. She can keep track of all the books she's reading and her notes on them, which is a dream for our organized Virgos.

Lavender pillow spray

Amazon, $14

If your friend is serious about their beauty sleep or you know she has trouble falling asleep sometimes, try getting her this uber-relaxing lavender pillow spray. Many Virgos are into self-care and wellness, so she'll appreciate a gift that helps her wind down after a long day.

Travel jewelry pouch

Etsy, $24

With travel opening up again, your bestie will adore this monogrammed jewelry pouch. And since schools are going back in person, this will also come in handy if she plays a sport for which she has to take off her jewelry. She'll never have to turn her bag upside down to find her earrings after a soccer game ever again.

Which of these gifts do you want to get for your Virgo BFF? Let us know on Twitter @girlslifemag!

Slider Image: @lilychee. GIF via Giphy.


by Erin Jeon | 8/19/2021