Give your bestie a spa day with these self-care gift items

Everyone has that one friend who is *always* on the go. Whether it's soccer practice, musical rehearsals, or yearbook meetings, they are totally and completely booked! Luckily, we have the *best* way to help them engage in a little self-care: a spa day! Treat your best friend to these relaxing gifts for their own personal trip to the spa.

Intergalactic bath bomb

LUSH, $7.95

Have a star-studded soak with this outer space-inspired bath bomb! Its peppermint, cedarwood and grapefruit scents make for a grounding combination. Plus, its bright colors will be an instant mood booster for your stressed-out bestie. 

Cozy recycled robe

Pottery Barn Teen, $49

A spa day wouldn't be complete without a robe! This warm and cozy robe is not only super cute—it's also sustainable, made entirely from recycled materials. It even comes in a variety of different colors, so you can pick out your friend's favorite!

Cucumber eye mask

SEPHORA, $3.50

Has your best friend been pulling all-nighters to finish that huge research paper or time-consuming project? No need to worry! This eye mask gets rid of those dark circles in no time, leaving the skin feeling energized and looking as cool as a cucumber (sorry, we had to). 

Scented candle

Bath & Body Works, $26

Make practicing self-care extra festive with this scented candle! The minty yet sugary fragrance is just the right balance of refreshing and sweet. 


philosophy, $28

Who could forget a good moisturizer? Gift your bestie an everyday glow with this simple product that works for all skin types. 

Rose sheet mask

Target, $3

Sheet masks are a spa day staple, and we have the *perfect* option in mind! This face mask soothes and cleanses the skin with its relaxing rose extract.

"air spun fun" nail polish

essie, $9

Take your BFF on an outing to the fair with this cotton candy shade! A mani-pedi moment is the perfect finishing touch to a successful spa day. 

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by Samara Smukler | 11/4/2021