The GL girl’s guide to the *ultimate* BFF sleepover


Sleepovers are back, bb! Whether it's been over a year (or under a week) since your last late-night squad sesh, we *all* could use some inspo to take our BFF bonding to the best-ever level vibe. So, stop scrolling through your Spotify, lingering on a Netflix list that never seems to have what you want or reading through recipes too complex for your crew. Whip out your phone and text the girls ASAP, because we've got you covered with the craftiest, prettiest, most Pinterest-worthy ideas to upgrade any sleepover. 

The do's and don'ts of an *epic* sleepover

DO: Ask your at-home crew. Yep, make sure you have permission from the people you live with before extending any invitations. 

DON'T: Plan every minute. An intricate itinerary only leads to disappointment, so keep the outline broad and open to spontaneity

DO: Aim for an even number. Invite an odd number of guests (add yourself into the count), and you'll always have a ready-made game partner.

DON'T: Shake up the squad. Unless you're willing to make the effort to create connections (your neighbor and your soccer teammate both adore Animal Crossing!), try to stick to a group that already has glue.  

DO: Give a house tour. Especially if it's been months since your crew slept over, show them the basics (snacks, shower, bathroom) and the not-so-basics (your tampon stash). 

DON'T: Force anyone to stay up (or sleep!). The bigger the bask, the more likely you'll have a mix of early birds and night owls. Offer options for a happy hang. 

Stunning set-ups
Shake up your space with dazzling DIY decor that will look fab on the feed.

The mood: Everything fall, from cinnamon candles to apple pie.
The must-haves: Decorative gourds, cozy socks and autumn-themed eps from your go-to high school show. (Our picks: Gilmore Girls, Never Have I Ever and the OG Gossip Girl.) 
The make-it moment: Catch up while you craft paper leaf garlands. All you need is construction paper (or artificial leaves for a more realistic vibe), wire and scissors to create the cutest seasonal swag.


The mood: Wind back time with a nostalgic, low-key slumber party.
The must-haves: Adorable paper plates and cups, popcorn with marshmallows and easy board games. (Think: Connect 4 and Boggle.)
The make-it moment: Even when it's chilly out, make s'mores indoors. It's the perfect delish backdrop to your game of Truth or Dare.


The mood: Remember pillow forts? Yep, we're bringing those back.
The must-haves: Fairy lights, Polaroid cameras and pretty much every pillow your house has to offer.
The make-it moment: Miniature crafts mean major fun. Our current fave? Create a scrapbook page to commemorate everything you've experienced so far this school year. You can keep adding to your book at every sleepover—and keep making memories together, too.


The mood: Put on your comfiest oversized sweater and grab your warmest boots for a Pinterest board-worthy Friendsgiving picnic.
The must-haves: Snuggly blankets, woven picnic baskets and everyone's best dish or dessert (don't forget the cheese board).
The make-it moment: Pass around a journal, set a 60-second timer and write why you're grateful for the person sitting to your left. At the end, read aloud everyone's responses. Cue the adorableness!

The *ultimate* movie marathon

The vibe: The hopeless romantic starter pack
The line-up: About Time, Crazy Rich Asians, Amélie, Enchanted
The bonus features: Get your swoon on and feed your soul some warm, fuzzy film food (and maybe some real food—sweets are a *must*) to satisfy even the most hopeless of romantics.

The vibe: Girlbossing to the max
The line-up: Ocean's 8, Thelma and Louise, The Devil Wears Prada, Jennifer's Body
The bonus features: Use these female-centered action/drama movies as a late-night pick-me-up to fill you up with all that girl squad energy. Think: epic heists, fashion shows and ofc, boy-eating demons.

The vibe: Offbeat indie high school stories
The line-up: Ladybird, The Half of It, Booksmart, Rushmore
The bonus features: Turn on your inner film geek and dive into a teen movie that's not so on the surface. With these picks, you're sure to have *plenty* to discuss with the gals.

All the tunes you'll ever need...
Dusk or dawn, queue up this unstoppable soundtrack for instant good energy. 


Eenie Meenie
Sean Kingston 

Picture To Burn
Taylor Swift 

I Gotta Feeling
Black Eyed Peas 

Teenage Dream
Katy Perry 

Bye Bye Bye

Dancing Queen

Spice Girls 

Truth Hurts

One Way Or Another

What Makes You Beautiful
One Direction

Raise Your Glass

Dear Maria, Count Me In
All Time Low

The 1975

Party in the U.S.A.
Miley Cyrus 

Good 4 U
Olivia Rodrigo

Real girl sleepover inspo...
Our GL readers reveal all their must-know, life-changing slumber party secrets.

"Sophisticated and so relaxing: I love to set up a tea bar for my friends. After dinner, we each choose a calming tea and a mini cookie then head to the couch and just catch up. It's instant self-care for your sleepover squad."- Helen G., 16

"Shuffle your party playlist to a pump-up song you heart. Then challenge your crew to a music video competition! Split into two teams and take two hours to choreograph, film and edit your video. Then let your siblings, neighbors or a long-distance friend judge the winner. It's going to lead to tons of laughs and inside jokes, I promise...and no, you don't have to post the final product." -Zaniyah W., 15

"YouTuber throwbacks are so much fun. My BFF and I pretend to be old-school vloggers and just narrate our experiences throughout the evening. It's honestly hilarious and takes us back to the good old days." - Sophie M., 13

"My friends and I always go to the grocery store, take tons of VSCO-inspired pics and then pick out a delish (and, tbh, occasionally over-the-top) breakfast for the next morning." - Remi L., 16

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by Katherine Hammer | 10/30/2021