May we present the ultimate Galentine's Day gift guide

Galentine's Day (aka the best holiday *ever*) is upon us. But wait! You still need to find the perfect prezzies for your closest gal pals. Don't fret, bc we've got you covered with the absolute cutest gifts that your Galentines will absolutely adore. 

LEGO flowers

$10, Lego

Who said that LEGOs are just for kids? This super fun (and adorable) toy is making a comeback. Flowers + everyone's fave childhood toy = pure bliss. Need we say more?

Heart-shaped tea bags

$3, Etsy

This is your sign to spread the tea bag at a time! Perfect for the tea-drinker besties in your life, this super sweet gift is sure to bring a smile to their faces. After all, who *wouldn't* adore a little love in a mug?

Shower steamer

$15, Daisy Encens

These trendy shower steamers are all the rage lately. They're an amaze way to give your pal the gift of zen—in the form of an easy at-home spa day, ofc. This will be the perf finishing touch to their everything shower.

Lip balm 

$12, Glossier

Bad news and good news: Winter comes chapped lips...but this makes lip balm the perfect gift for your bestie. It's time to replenish their Balm Dot Com supply. Or, if you want to surprise them with a totally new balm? We've got you covered.

A candle

$5, Uncommon Goods

Who doesn't heart cozying up with a sweet candle in February? We recommend a warm and sweet scent (lavender and vanilla give off total comforting vibes). They'll be so excited to use the candle you gifted them during their next spa day.

A Squishmallow

$24, Amazon

Squishmallows (aka the cozy companions that *everyone* deserves to have in their life) are super sweet and adorable, making them an amaze Galentine's Day gift. Trust us: Your bestie will be oh-so excited to have a new addition to their plushie collection. 

BFF necklaces

$14, Amazon

Bestie necklaces are a super cute way to show love and appreciation for your BFFs. After all, isn't wearing matching necklaces the definition of friendship goals? Extra points if the necklaces have a hidden Taylor reference. "Love you from the moon and to Saturn," anyone?

We can't wait to see you and your besties on Galentine's Day!
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by Eva Mandelbaum | 2/6/2023