The Squishmallow you need in your life based on your personality type

Squishmallows: The cozy companions that double as adorable room decor. The only prob? There are *tons* of types to choose from, so it can be tough to decide which one to get. Don't stress though, bc you're in luck—based on your personality type, we've matched you with the Squishmallow that's your most compatible companion. And if you're not sure what your personality type is? Take this test first.

1. The Perfectionist: Kieli 

$20, Amazon

As someone who's known for *always* striving to do your best, you have a thing or two in common with this ah-dorable Squishmallow. According to his description, Kieli is a makeup artist who loves to perfect his art. 

2. The Giver: Renard  

$20, Squishmallows

A cozy pup gives off the same welcoming and bubbly vibes that you do, Giver! A natural-born leader who never fails to bring people together, Renard is *such* a Type 2, just like you. 

3. The Achiever: Barb 

$20, Squishmallows

Charming, ambitious and energetic are just a few words to describe a Type 3. Achiever, you radiate *total* bright 'n bold energy, just like this colorful squish! Barb is super hardworking and loves to show off what she can do. 

4. The Individualist: Lola 

$20, Squishmallows

Sensitive and sweet with a sprinkle of wanderlust, Lola is for you, Individualist! There's no doubt that you march to your own drumbeat, and that's exactly why people heart you (and unique unicorns like Lola), ofc.

5. The Investigator: Dustin 

$20, Amazon

Alert, insightful and curious are a few words we'd use to describe you as an Investigator. This cute pup with *adorable* glasses shares your curiosity and thirst for adventure.

6. The Skeptic: Zelma 

$20, Amazon 

This purple hippo will always be there for you in the same way you're *always* there for your friends. Loyal and hardworking, you sooo deserve a Zelma in your life.

7. The Enthusiast: Lamont 

$20, Squishmallows

As someone who's bright, fun and optimistic, there's no doubt that the rainbow-colored Lamont is a perf match for you. You both radiate the outgoing and whimsical vibes we just adore.

8. The Challenger: Fifi 

$20, Amazon

Confident and strong, Challengers are super charismatic and energetic. This cute 'mallow gives off total Challenger energy. According to her description, Fifi loves a good adventure challenge.

9. The Peacemaker: Steele  

$20, Squishmallows

Steele the super sweet shark practically has your name on it, Peacemaker! You are accepting, optimistic and of course, peaceful, making Steele your perf companion.

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by Eva Mandelbaum | 11/8/2022