Squiggle lights are the cutest new room decor trend

Looking to add some color and flair to your room? Then this TikTok trend is *def* for you! Squiggle lights are the cutest way to cultivate an eccentric vibe in your space. Prepare to find all the deets on this (actually lit) DIY that's going to make your room srsly glow.

1. Purchase flexible LED strip lights

LED Strip Light, $25 amazon

Amazon is the perfect place to purchase affordable LED lights. There are tons of neon colors to choose from—we recommend a hue that matches the aesthetic of your room. Just can't decide? Go with basic white to match any vibe. Make sure you order flexible LED strip lights so you can create a unique squiggle shape.

2. Find the perfect spot 


Look around your room and find an area that needs some TLC (you know, a spot that's fairly empty and will instantly catch your friends' attention when they walk in). Remember: The lights will take up a nice chunk of space, so pick an area that's big enough for your design. Then, place your light strip on the floor and start bending it into a squiggle shape. Use a Sharpie to make markings wherever the lights curve.

3. Stick the squiggles


adding squiggle LED lights in my room has been my best move yet🫡

♬ As It Was - Harry Styles

Once you've created an abstract design, transfer the LED strip light to your wall and use command strips to secure your squiggles. Place one strip at each curve (AKA each Sharpie marking) to ensure your lights stay put. Okay, Picasso—you now have the coolest wall art in your friend group!

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by Ti'Ja Taylor | 9/21/2022