The perfect wall decor, no matter your aesthetic

Looking to spice up your room but don’t want to commit to just one aesthetic? We found the perfect wall decor to create the dream space for sleepovers and catch-up seshes alike. Whether you're moving into a new room or simply sprucing up an empty wall, check out our room decor recs that are sure to satisfy any aesthetic.

Simple and chic


POV: You've just moved into your new house and decided to trade your sibling for that dreamy upstairs room. The only problem? It's the smallest room in the house. Mirrors are a great way to open up space and make your room appear bigger than it is. Not only are they a practical addition to your room, but a mirror with hooks (like this rustic, floral one) can also be used as storage space for purses and hats. Full-length mirrors (check out these classic ones) are also perfect for doing makeup, trying on outfits and taking those *famous* IG mirror selfies with your crew.

All the mems


Hmm, let’s think…where to begin? We’ve got it: Photo collages! As long as Mom and Dad are okay with you sticking things to the wall, let’s get into it. Photo collage walls allow a lot of room for change. You can put them up and take them down all by yourself (well, with a little bit of tape, ofc). You can make your own by printing out pics from your camera roll and Pinterest inspo boards, or head on over to Tezza to find the perfect “it girl” collage kits that can transform that one plain wall into perfection. 

Let's stick it


Out with the old and in with the new! If you love having the option of changing up what your walls look like, wall stickers are definitely for you. They're not only easy to peel on and off, but they make your room so much more, well, *you.* Amazon has a ton of different options including these gold dots (for a simpler look) or this motivational quote option for all the good vibes.

Comfy cozy


Ever come home from a long day at school and feel like you just need a couple hours on your phone in bed? Yeah, us too. To create the lounge space of your dreams, hang up some cute fairy lights to create a gentle glow. Whether you're a basic warm fairy lights type of girl or more into a pop of color, there are so many different options for every aesthetic.

Insta-worthy walls


If you're looking for a more simplistic style, tapestries are your best bet. They come in a large variety of styles and take up a lot of space on your wall. If painting your walls isn't an option, large tapestries can become your new wallpaper option! Not only are they extremely cute, but they also make decorating your walls *so* much easier. Check out Etsy for some of the best tapestries including this cherry blossom one and this cloud-themed one.

Let's get organized


We're trinket gals, and we're positive there are some of y'all out there too. If you're notorious for having an overcrowded (but very well-loved) side table, these shelving hacks might be the best choice for you! Keep it simple with these minimalistic wall shelves from Urban Outfitters. They'll get the mess off the floor and into some decor. If minimalist is NOT in your vocabulary, there are still plenty of options made just for you. We found this *adorbs* gold heart shelf that literally has our hearts. Imagine a whole wall filled with statement shelves—talk about cute and practical!

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by Elizabeth Gregg and Rhys Rudolph | 9/12/2022