5 ways to make your makeup vanity Insta-worthy

We've all spent time on social media scrolling through those super aesthetic makeup vanities (we wish we had 'em, too). With these minor but effective swaps, now you'll have the Insta-worthy vanity of your dreams.

Tier trays


If you have your makeup products scattered around in different places, a tier tray will be life-changing. Not only will you get to display them in a fun way, but it'll make getting ready so much easier. Arrange all your everyday products and items with the *cutest* packaging, ofc. 

Clear acrylic boxes


While you can definitely store your products in a drawer, acrylic boxes give off a perfect combination of cute and trendy. Plus, you won't end up being late the next time you're looking everywhere for that ~very specific~ lip gloss.

Color coordinating


Playing around with how you store and display your products can make a huge difference. Take your time and have fun looking through all your products. Then decide whether you want all the pink items together—or if you want to design a color palette of your own that shows off a little bit of who you are. 

Fun mugs


While you can opt for a classic makeup brush holder, mugs provide the same purpose with a *unique* touch. You can easily pick out a mug either right from the kitchen or search for one the next time you go shopping. Mugs can even serve a simple purpose of decor on their own or with your drink, but regardless they'll be the perf addition to your makeup vanity photo.

Candles & flowers


Lastly, candles and flowers couldn't be left out. They're such an easy way to elevate your makeup vanity and make everything look a bit more glamorous. With both, you can always swap them out and mix it up as the seasons change. You can even stack some of your fave books and place the candle and flowers right on top. 

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Slider and top image: @abbymariehardie 


by Alaina Cintron | 3/3/2022