Pinterest-worthy pics to recreate with your squad this spring

There's lots to love about spring—flowers, baby animals and *tons* of outdoorsy activities to do with your friends. With farmers market trips and smoothie-bowl runs come plenty of friendship photo-ops. Looking for some inspo before you say cheese? We've rounded up #PinterestWorthy pics to recreate with your squad this spring. 

1. Photo booth 


According to our TikTok FYP, photo booth pics are *all* the rage. You can even recreate the feeling and look of photo booth pictures with filters online. It's an aesthetic and fun way to capture moments with your besties.

2. Tea party


Few things are quite as aesthetic as tea party picnics. Now that the weather is finally warming up, it's time to pull out the thrifted teacups and sweet treats.

3. Under the stars


Turn your flash on and snap a pic of you and your besties underneath the moonlight! We're all waiting for golden hour for the perfect lighting for our pictures, but the starry sky can serve as the *perfect* backdrop for your photos. 

4. Table spread


Whether you're entering your chef era or eating out, taking a pic of the tablescape is a subtle-yet-chic way to capture the memories you make with the besties.

5. On film


To take your pics with your besties to the next level, try using film cameras. They can give a whole new feel to your pictures and will give you more aesthetic spring photos. 

6. Pop of color


Somehow, everything seems more vibrant in Spring. As you enjoy all the celebrations of the season, don't forget to snap pics in your colorful accessories.

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Header image: @marymargaretboud


by Mina Rahmat and Riley Yates | 3/20/2023