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GL's ultimate summer bucket list: 25 things you *have* to do!

It's May, and that means summer break is almost here! Three beautifully long months of relaxation and sun are just around the corner—ahhh. But you know the drill: a month into things and you're bored and totally stumped about what to do with all of your free time?

Here is our summer bucket list that'll keep you busy every day. 

1. Read a great book.
2. Relax on the beach.
3. Go on a serene vacation. 
4. Have a picnic with your besties. 
5. Go to a movie.
6. Binge watch a T.V show.
7. Stay up all night with your besties.
8. Start a YouTube channel.
9. Go on an exciting adventure.
10. Meet new friends. 
11. Have an epic water balloon fight. 
12. Eat too much ice cream.
13. Fly a kite like a pro. 
14. Master your yoga flow. 
15. Try something new.
16. Surprise your friends with a scavenger hunt.
17. Live it up at a concert. 
18. Throw a backyard BBQ for all of your BFFs. 
19. DIY a fun tie-dye T-shirt. 
20. Beat the heat at a skating rink.
21. Spend a day kayaking. 
22. Have a spontaneous dance party. 
23. Go on a hike. 
24. Start a pillow fight. 
25. Most importantly, make tons of memories!

What's on your summer bucket list? Let us know in the comments!


by Cassie Doyle-Hines | 5/20/2018