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5 plants that are cute *and* easy to take care of

Love having plants around but can never manage to keep them alive? Relatable. Even if you think you should give up on your plant-mom dreams, remember that having plants decorating your space comes with *a lot* of benefits—not only does it look cute, it can also help reduce stress, boost your mood and creativity and remove toxins to clean your air indoors. Here are 5 plants that are super easy to take care of while also adding freshness to your home. 


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Succulents store water in their leaves, which helps them survive even in dry climates—as  long as you give them light and water them once a week, they'll be happy. 


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Not only does lavender look and smell *amazing,* it's also proven to help you relax and reduces anxiety. Place your lavender pot near a window and water once to twice a week. 


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These spiky plants are a super-cute addition to any space—just make sure not to get poked! Similarly to succulents, cactus plants store water inside, and only need to be watered once a week. 

Spider plant:

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Spider plants, hence their name, have long spidery-looking leaves that can add a lot of personality to your room—and taking care of them is super simple! Place your spider plants in a semi-shady area and water once a week. 

Peace lily:

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These pretty plants are great at absorbing toxins and leaving you with clean air. To take care of of your peace lilies, leave them in a shady spot where they can get indirect sunlight, spritz their leaves with water in the warmer months, and water once a week. 


by Maya Camu | 7/23/2020