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The ultimate guide to the granola girl aesthetic

Do you love being out in nature, surrounding yourself with down-to-earth friends and listening to chill (but uplifting) music? If so, the granola girl aesthetic might be the perfect fit for you. Gals like this love to spend their time being environmentally conscious, outdoorsy and true to themselves. Keep reading to find the ultimate guide to mastering the granola girl aesthetic!

Take a hike

Since you've already read this much, we can assume that you love something about the outdoors. If you're looking to branch out and spend more time outside, we def recommend starting with a simple hike. Make sure that you're not overdoing it—a 5-mile hike might not be the best for beginners. If you're new to the hiking trails, we recommend thrifting some boots (don't worry if you don't have them) or comfy running shoes with solid arch support. Make sure there's enough traction on the bottom so you're not slipping and sliding on the trails.


While we're on the topic of shoes, we *have* to recommend a few outdoorsy pairs. Whether you're team Teva or Chaco, we like both brands for everyday wear. And while they might look a little funny at first, they're the comfiest and most practical shoes for any outdoor adventure (plus, they double as water shoes). After you're done in the water, leave them out in the sun to air dry and you'll be good to go.


Stay hydrated

Since you're already on track to being a natural granola girl, you're going to be spending a lot more time outside. We highly recommend grabbing a weather-resistant water bottle or travel mug that can help store your liquids while out at campsites. Hydroflask has a whole section of their website dedicated to campside products that are made for gals who love a little adventure. Make sure to check out some of their other durable products like food jars and mugs. They're worth the investment, trust.


Get comfycozy

If you're heading out in nature and planning to stay until sunset, you'll need a couple items to keep you warm and cozy. A classic granola girl cozy jacket? The Patagonia Fleece Pullover, of course. While these jackets are on the pricy side, they do keep you toasty all through the night. You can find some alternatives on ASOS or at any camping/lifestyle store like REI or Dick's Sporting Goods


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by Rhys Rudolph | 9/23/2022