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How to survive a long-haul flight this summer

Are you jetsetting to a tropical island (helloooo, sunshine! ) or your dream city (bonjour, Paris!) this summer?

Whether this is your first time flying or you are a seasoned traveler, there's nothing worse than landing at your destination feeling exhausted and, well, kinda gross. 

Here are some tips and tricks to make your airline experience so darn good that it'll feel like you're flying first class.

Stay hydrated


While you're scrambling to find your passport, make it through TSA and stock up on your pre-flight entertainment at the Hudson News store, it's super easy to forget to hydrate. 

But here's the thing: The dry air in a plane cabin causes your body to lose water more rapidly than it does on the ground. (Translation: Drink more water, pls!) For each hour in the air, you should be sipping at least eight ounces of water.

And we hate to be the bearer of bad news, but that venti iced latte does *not* count toward your water goal. Instead, bring your emotional support water bottle to the airport with you (empty, ofc), then fill it up after you pass through security. 

Download movies or TV shows *before* you board

Being on a long-haul flight means you probably won't have wifi. (Sorry, but you might have to put that bestie GC on pause 'til you touch down.)

That's where movies and TV shows come in handy! In case your plane doesn't have a mini TV or free in-flight entertainment, most streaming services like Netflix or Hulu make it easy to download movies to your device (so you can watch without wifi). This is the perfect time to binge-watch your favorite show (we're obsessed with The Summer I Turned Pretty to get you in full beach mode) or watch a movie (Crazy Rich Asians is always the go-to).

Get some rest


Chances are you had to wake up wayyyy too early to catch your flight—or you were up all night with excitement about your vacay. To get ahead of jetlag, try to sleep a full eight hours the night before your flight (yep, even if you have to force yourself to get in bed at 7 p.m.). 

And while you're crusin' in the clouds? Try to get some shut-eye (trust, it'll make the time go by sooo much quicker!). If you aren't a natural plane sleeper, try this travel mask. It attaches around your headrest to support your neck while you snooze.

Wear comfy clothes


We know you want to look fashionable for that It girl airport fit, but when it comes to long-haul flights, comfort is key. Pro tip: It's also wayyy colder on the plane than it normally is outside. You might want to opt for leggings, sweats and an oversized hoodie. (Psst: Since long-haul flights are usually overnight, it is *totally* acceptable to wear PJs to the airport.)

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by Fran Au | 6/4/2024