9 easy ways to destress after a long school day

Picture this: you *finally* get home from school after a long day filled with tests, endless work and tons of talking, and the last thing you'd want to do is dive into your mountain of homework. We *all* have those days where school takes its toll and drains us...and knowing how to cope with difficult feelings of stress and overwhelm from school can be hard.

Although you might want to collapse into a heap in your bed or scroll through TikToks after a stress-filled school day, sleeping or clicking your probs away might actually lead to feeling even more tired and stressed. That's why we're here with 9 easy ways to destress after a long school day—because after all, you deserve a break after school!

Go for a walk or a jog 

Tie up those laces and get outside! Moving your body is the *ultimate* destresser (after all, stress is triggered by our fight or flight response, which is really our body's way of telling us to get moving)! Trust, getting some exercise and fresh air will be sure to make you feel a million times better after a stressful day. 

Read from your fave book

Sometimes, all we need is to dive into a different world and read our worries away. Whether it's your comfort book (hello Harry Potter!) or that newest read on your TBR list from BookTok, pick a book that'll allow you to decompress and escape into a good story.

Make yourself your fave snack or drink 

Sipping some hot tea or making yourself a fave meal or snack can be the perf pick-me-up. As you make your food or drink, do it mindfully: notice how everything smells and tastes, and make sure to take your time. Then, sit back and enjoy your work!


In times of stress, dumping your thoughts out onto a page can be an amazing solution. Writing can make for a sense of clarity after a stressful day. Reflect on the day and simply write *everything* that comes to mind. If you struggle with writing, set a timer for 20-minutes to free-write about anything that's on your mind. Once that timer goes off, you'll be shocked at how fast that time flies by—and you'll feel *so* much more relaxed.

Have a dance party to your fave song

School can leave us feeling super tense. The solution to this? Dance it out! Hit play on your fave jam and let loose as you dance like nobody's watching. 


At school, we may find ourselves hunched over a computer more often than not. Roll out a yoga mat or comfy cushion and stretch out *every* muscle in your body to destress. For an *extra* relaxing experience, opt for some yoga.

Cuddle with your pet or stuffed animal 

Sometimes, all we need is a good hug, and sometimes, all we need is for that hug to be from a pet. Whether you shower your pup in kisses or hug your fave stuffed animal, cuddling will definitely swap your stress with bliss! 

Chat with a friend or family member

Cue your support system and FaceTime your bestie or have a heart-to-heart with your sib or 'rent. Even when we try to deal with stress alone, it's super important to ask for help when we need it and understand that our true friends and fam members are the ones we know we can lean on when we need to.

Practice mindfulness

The *best* way to destress is to simply breathe. Mindfulness is essentially slowing down to focus on your breathing and notice things around you. There are *tons* of ways to find mindfulness, and whether you simply observe your surroundings or hit play on a meditation video, you'll be sure to find yourself filled with bliss and relaxation.

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by Eva Mandelbaum | 1/4/2022