How to balance extracurriculars with schoolwork

It's the first day of the new school year, and you're super excited to start your new classes, learn new things and, ofc, make new friends. Walking out of class, you run into your club advisor and are immediately thrown back into the swing of a full schedule. Whether you have one, two or ten extracurriculars, it can be overwhelming to juggle after-school activities *and* school work. Here's our guide to keeping the balance.


When you're involved in activities that you're passionate about, it can be hard to put one before the other—but remember that you're only one person. Decide which activities need the most of your energy and give those your all! You'll feel instant relief when you have a plan for what you need to get done first.

Stay organized

Make a Google Calendar, get a planner, start a physical to-do list...anything that'll keep all your appointments and assignments in one place. Having all your ducks in a row is exactly what you need with so much to do. 

Make tasks fun

Whether you're in yearbook, band, sports or even video game club, invite your friends along for some much-needed friendly encouragement. You can even turn your tasks into a game: Challenge yourself to get something done by a certain day and snag some Starbies as a fun reward.

Know when you're overwhelmed

We all love doing everything possible (keyword: "possible"), but you can't do everything. When you start to feel like you're drowning in work, limiting yourself will relax you. It's okay to say no! Every task is not meant for you to take on alone.

Be productive

When you're working on your lengthy to-do list, try to stay on task. You'll notice such a difference in how long it takes to wipe out your list when you prioritize big projects and save the small stuff for later. 

Make time for yourself

It may seem unnecessary, but block off time just for you! Whether that means heading to the gym for a much-needed sweat sesh or sitting by the TV and just scrolling through TikTok, you deserve a break. Without personal time, you'll never get anything done.

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by Taylor Hancock | 9/6/2022