How to organize your backpack for the first day of school

It's back to school season! While we've grown out of watching Bethany Mota and My Life As Eva (well... kinda), we've got you covered. Whether you're looking to improve your backpack style game or get to organizing, we have all the perfect ideas for you! Keep reading to find some of our favorite stationary products that are a must-have in every backpack.

Divided pencil pouch

This divided pencil pouch will keep you organized through even the toughest of subjects. With the different sections, it makes things easy to find each piece of stationary and section them out so you know where everything is at all times.

Gel pens

If you're a colorful note-taker like us, having one solid set of gel pens will make things so much easier when it's time to get to studying. We love the XSG gel ink pens found HERE.

Simple spiral botebooks

We're keeping it simple (but not too plain) with these pastel spiral notebooks. Adding a small pop of color to your classic school stationery will let you stand out amongst the crowd.

Divider tabs

Everyone loves a classis divider tab, especially our book lovers! But these sticky note divider tabs take things to the next level. You can annotate, write reminders or literally just doodle. They give you a great space for all of your organizational needs.

That perfect water bottle

Keep things simple by having your designated school water bottle. This will make it easy for you (and your parents) to sort out who's is who's and create a staple in your school attire. Carrying this thing everywhere will not only keep you hydrated but also give you a great space to get to personalizing! Add stickers, lanyards, or anything you like... just don't get TOO distracted in class!


One binder, that's it!

When you're walking through the back-to-school aisles, it's easy to imagine how amazing every folder, pencil pouch and eraser would look as you're walking through the halls...but tbh, while those things are super cute, they cause a lot of clutter. Sticking to one solid binder with divider tabs will keep everything organized and in one place. We love these pastel ones from Yoobi. They let you persnoalize your notes while keeping things simple.

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by Rhys Rudolph | 8/23/2022