Add these 5 things to your back-to-school bucket list

A new class schedule, fresh notebooks and a closet full or perfect autumn fits—all signs point to back-to-school season. But let's be honest: After the excitement of The First Day passes, you quickly fall back into your normal routine and everything feels very... familiar. School can get repetitive fast, so if you're having trouble keeping things interesting, we've got you covered with the perfect bucket list...

1. Let your school spirit shine at the pep rally

Who doesn't love a fall pep rally? The marching band blaring, the cheer team performing and a tug-of-war competition between classes all just scream back to school. This year, make it your personal responsibility to bring the school spirit to your school's auditorium. Deck yourself out in your school's colors: tutus, hair bows and face paint galore! We're talking Eras Tour outfit levels of effort, here. That "Most School Spirited" superlative will be yours in no time.

2. Attend *all* the sporting events

While we're on the topic of school spirit, we'll remind you to save some of that pep for after the final bell. Challenge yourself (and your friends) to attend allll the sporting events. Well, as many as you can anyway. At the very least, try to watch some of your school's teams compete that you maybe haven't gotten around to in the past. We love Friday night football games, but your volleyball and tennis friends would love to see your support in the stands, too.

3. Get competitive in gym class

Gym class isn't always all fun and games. Running laps, getting a full workout in before lunch and stepping out of your comfort zone can get tiresome very quickly. If you're dragging your feet on the way to the locker room, it's time you embrace everything that gym class is. In other words: Commit to learning a few new skills, put any embarrassment aside and don't be afraid to break a sweat. Challenge your gym class crew to some friendly competition and take it as seriously as you can (while still having a laugh) even if it's just for one day. One epic badminton tournament, coming up!

4. Turn your locker into your own personal art gallery

Your locker isn't just a place to store your heavy textbooks and lose your homework assignments in. It's the one place in school that you can really claim as yours. What's in your locker should reflect that. Get creative and make it a space you're proud of. Hang up your fave art project on the door or display a collage of doodles and notes from your friends. (Not that we condone passing notes in class...) But your locker should represent who you are, so don't be afraid to get crafty and make it personal. Your art deserves to be displayed, let's be real.

5. Make a difference in student gov

Our back-to-school bucket list is all about creating opportunities for you to experience everything that being a student has to offer. What better way to get involved than by joining your school's student government? This could be the year you finally have the confidence to run for student body prez. Not your style? Volunteer to help out with a friend's campaign. At the very least, you can always talk with your student government about an issue that you feel strongly about and spark a change that way. Your ideas matter, so let them be heard!

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by Melanie Dowling | 8/24/2023