Study help with ADHD

Every year, it seems more and more important to get good grades to eventually get into the university or college that I want. The problem is, I have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). I have a really hard time studying and concentrating on my homework, especially memorizing information.

My parents and I are against prescription drugs to help me concentrate, so I'm looking for a good way to cope. It’s getting harder and harder. What are some good ways for a girl like me to study?

Hey girly,

Before I say anything else, good for you! There are so many people who would just complain if they were in your situation, but you’re looking for a solution. Kudos! Now, let’s look at some of your options.

Don't go at it alone

Make the most of your resources. In other words, talk to your teachers or counselors about what's going on. If the work is getting harder to catch up on or you're feeling out-of-the-loop, request extra help, special after-school study seshes, a tutor, whatever! If you go to the peeps in charge, I'm sure they'll have a suggestion or several. Not only that, but you have a legit reason to ask for their assistance. The should be aware of your ADHD so that they can appropriately accommodate your needs.

Check it out

A good way to study is to write out your plans and carry them through. When you feel like you can’t concentrate or you’re all over the place it’s because your goal isn’t there to help you focus. When you put your goals down on a paper as you work, it’ll remind you what you should do. And don’t hesitate to be specific. The more detailed, the better. This way as you go through each step of the way you can cross a part off and feel a sense of accomplishment, too.

Get comfy

Find what environment you will best accomplish your work in. Shut off all electronics, disconnect yourself from the internet and make a playlist of calm, soothing tunes to get you motivated. Situate yourself at a desk or in a comfy chair and make sure you have room for all of your books, notebook and supplies. Create a system to help keep ya stay organized. Experiment with a few different ways to memorize—make flashcards, read your notes at loud, write out a study guide, make acronyms to help ya out—whatever works!

Remember that you’re not alone and believe in yourself. Good luck!

-Jean L.

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12/17/2009 7:00:00 AM