If you think vaping is harmless think again

High school is *super* stressful! Finding ways to relax and unwind from everything you’ve got on your plate is key to maintaining your physical and mental health. While e-cigarettes may seem like a healthy, cooler alternative to regular cigarettes, the damage done to your body is far from it. A recent study from The New York Times found that vaping e-cigarettes that have nicotine can be addictive and may cause teenagers to switch over to traditional smoking methods. That’s right, just like regular cigarettes, once you start vaping say buh-bye to freedom and hello to bad breath. Yikes!

The study also confirmed that some e-cigarettes contain harmful chemicals and metals (yuck!) and may lead to long-term health effects. Don't be fooled by the flavored liquids with playful names like “Unicorn milk” (strawberries and cream) and “I Love Donuts” (blueberry and pastry). They'll still increase your risk of getting lung cancer and other fatal diseases.

If you're feeling the pressure from your friends to smoke just say no, as many times as needed to get the point across. Never forget you don't have to do *anything* you're not comfortable doing. Try not to join in on smoke sessions to avoid having your friends pressure you. If you're at a party break up the “no” with a positive statement and use the buddy system to exit the pressure zone. Most importantly, remember that true friends like you for who you are, not who they want you to be.

How will you help your friends quit smoking e-cigarettes? Let us know below!



by Victoria Hill | 1/29/2018