Saturday read: "I'm No Hero" by Madeline H.

Hey babes! Here’s an original poem written by GL reader Madeline H. Tell us what ya think in the comments!


I'm no hero.
I've never been more than a zero.
I've happily kept to myself
And never willingly dealt
With protecting or supporting
Anyone or anything but I,
And I'm afraid to die.
I have no courage to stop a speeding train
Or to have a gunfight in the rain;
I don't want to gain
A tremendous, heavy title
For myself; forever trying to keep the burden worth-while
As I drive myself forward
Wish a harsh and sharp word
To my dying conscience.
I want to protest
To these horrific deeds I have to do;
It pains me to
Destroy others, no matter the good cause;
Suddenly somehow I'm allowed to break the laws.
I don't want to hide my identity
As I jump across building tops in the city.
It doesn't sound the least bit appealing,
My mind is reeling
Just by considering the case;
The sprinting escape pace.
But honey, when you fall
I'm the hero you should call.


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by GL reader | 1/6/2018