Pump up your hair game: The coolest updos for short hair


Spring is here and so are the warmer temps. If you live down south, you're probably starting to *really* feel the heat––and heavy humidity that's making our long locks feel seriously "blah". As a result, we're desperately craving some cute, short-hair inspo. The good news? Shorts strands can be super-versatile and styled in a cinch. To give you all you short-haired ladies (or those considering the chop!) a chic way to keep that hair away from your neck, we've gathered the cutest styles to sport from spring to summer, and well...all year long! Check 'em out below.


Do you have short strands? How do you style your hair on the days you simply want it out of your face?  

  • 1_lowbun.jpg

    Messy bun with a braided twist

    This updo had us oohing and ahhing from the minute we tried it ourselves. It's SO easy to do (especially if you have a hard time mastering an against-the-head braid. Just make two braids at each side of your head, pull them back into a pony, or pin them across the lower crown of your head. Then, wrap your hair into a bun and you're done! Easy as that. 

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  • 2_braid.jpg

    Roll it up like a Greek goddess

    This ‘do is super easy and quick––perfect for those gals on the go.  All you gotta do is part your hair to the side and braid each side towards the lower back of your head as you tuck all the extra strands into an inward twist. Then, gather any leftover pieces from the two sections and pin at the bottom neckline. 


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  • 3_halfbun.jpg

    Half-bun top knot

    In a rush out the door? This season, it's all about the half-up-half-down hair. Just because you have short strands doesn't mean you can't rock this lax-yet-cool hairstyle, too. All you gotta do it part it half up, half down and throw it up into a top knot messy bun. Don't worry about any loose strands because that's how it's supposed to look, promise! 

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  • 4_frenchie.jpg

    A disappearing French twist

    If you want something sophisticated-yet-edgy, try doing a 'disappearing French braid'. Just tuck and twist the end of your loose braid under towards the bottom, and you've got a cool new look. Don't know how to do a French braid? No problem. Get the full how-to HERE.

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by Jossie Carbonare | 2/1/2016