Celeb-inspired spring dance makeup for every skin tone!


The sun is out, the grass is finally green, but best of all…prom season is in full bloom! We know there are lots of things you've been preparing for the big day, but if you’re anything like us, you'll need to make sure everything will be PERFECT (including your makeup). So to help you make that happen, we’ve put together the best prom-ready looks––inspired by all your fave celebs.
Check 'em out below! 


  • 1_fair.png
    Emma Watson - Fair

    Ok fair skinned adies, we understand your struggles — face powder never works? Black mascara just looks wrong? Afraid a dark lip will wash you out? Don't worry. There are some seriosuly stellar ways to rock out prom makeup for that gorgeous skin. Here's how Emma does it: 

    Face: On fair skin, a powder based coverage tends to looks dry and cakey. Instead, achieve the perfect glow and just the right amount of coverage by using a lightweight tinted moisturizer.

    Colors: Try to lean towards more earthy tones for eyes (taupes, ambers, and browns) and light pink shades for cheeks. Remember, a little goes a long way for fair skin. We love how Emma uses a brown shadow and dark brown mascara. By doing so, she avoids harsh and tired eyes — yet she achieves a glam night time look that’s dark enough for her skin tone. 

    Lips: We know it might feel a little daring to go with a bold lip on fair skin, but it really works. Because you guys should keep your eye makeup simple and because your skin is so light, a bright lip is your friend! A pale or very light color lip may wash you out. Try any berry, deep pink, or a muted red for your perfect pout.


    NARS Audacious Lipstick in Vera, $32,

    Shimmer Blush, $6,

    Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue Tinted Gel Cream, $30,

    CoverGirl Eye Enhancer Eye Shadow, $6,

  • 2_medium.png

    Gigi Hadid - Medium 

    If you have a medium tan skin tone, and a major girl crush on Gigi (like we do) here's an easy way to achieve her effortless, yet glam sun-kissed look:

    Face: To highlight your naturally gorgeous tan, use a sheer tinted moisturizer or even some lightweight powder foundation (make sure you find the perf shade for your skin). Then, use a fluffy brush to evenly apply a thin layer of a shimmery bronzer — mostly on your cheeks, but you can put a thin layer on the rest of your face if you feel like you could use some extra color. 

    Colors: Because you medium tan gals fall in the middle of the skin tone spectrum, you can really have fun with eye colors. We’ll leave it up to you if you wanna grab a dark brown mascara or a black (both work beautifully). Then, go for a cat eye. Grab a liquid eyeliner to achieve that precise top line. Swipe a think line along your lash rim and swipe it out to the corner. For eye shadow, don’t be afraid of shimmer! Tip: Gigi uses shimmer to highlight her tan with a slightly metallic shadow. For cheeks, stick with rosy pinks, soft reds, and even deep peach tones complement your medium shade. 

    Lips: Since you already added some sparkle to your eyes, a simple lip should be enough (try light a pink or dusty rose lip gloss). 

    Bare Minerals Moxie Lipgloss in ‘Show Off’, $18,

    Bronzing Powder, $5,

    Urban Decay Mooniest Eyeshadow, $20, 

    Noir Cosmetics Glimmer Liquid Eyeliner, $18,

  • 3_olive.png

    Selena Gomez - Olive 

    Alright, olive-skinned girls, if  you can’t find the perfect colors and techniques that complement your unique skin tone, don't fret. Surprisingly, your skin tone may be more versatile than you think.

    Face: Don’t use too much foundation—a light creamy application is enough for your already gorgeous skin tone. Let your natural radiance shine through. All ya need is a light layer of a shimmery bronzer for an extra glow. 

    Colors: With olive skin, you want to avoid cool color palettes in general (pale blues, light silvers, icy pinks) because they may wash you out or make you look ashen. Instead, for eyes and cheeks, go for warm colors such as deep golds and bronze, smoky grey and browns (eyes only) or deep rose. For eyes, shades of purple (we’re loving Selena’s second look above) work beautifully with your perfect tan and, of course, so does black eyeliner and mascara (brown may be too light on your skin, so save it for daytime). For blush, grab any of the warm colors listed: deep coral, vivid rose, or cherry tint. And, unlike your fair skinned friends, olive shade girls can get away with using a bronzer for blush to create a nice contour on your cheek bones. 

    Lips: Check out how Selena works two totally different lip shades. Thanks to your natural tan, your lips can rock almost anything. Just be careful to pair the right lip with the right eye colors. Sel keeps her eyes elegant and simple, so her classic dark lip complements them. For a busier eye with the light purple lid, Sel grabbed a nude gloss. 

    Blush in ‘Rose Gold’, $7,

    Matte Liquid Liner, $7,

    Expert Wear Eyeshadow Trios in Almond Satin, $6,

    Lip Glace, $25,

    NARS Larger Than Life Lipgloss, $26,

    Baked Bronzer, $10, 

    Bare Minerals Flawless Definition Volumizing Mascara, $18,

    Revlon Colorstay 16 Hour Eyeshadow, $5,


  • 4_dark.png

    Keke Palmer - Dark 

    Ladies with darker skin have the best of both worlds. They can rock a daring and colorful look without it being too busy, or they can own a simple look without appearing washed out.

    Face: Make sure to find the perfect shade of skin coverage for your face. With darker skin, matching foundation can become tricky, but whether it’s a powder, concealer, foundation, or tinted moisturizer, you don’t want it to be too light or too dark. Also, make sure that the undertones of the color match your skin (if you’re more caramel, find lighter more orange tones, and if you’re chocolate, find darker more rich brown tones). No need for bronzer—just grab a deep coral blush to lightly accent those cheekbones. 

    Colors & Lips: Dark skin looks great with so many colors. You can experiment with a colored eyeliner or a bright lip. But for a classic event-ready look, we love Keke’s edgy elegance. Check out how she grabbed natural tones, nude pinks and soft browns to accentuate her features. While keeping your palette neutral, you can accentuate your eyes with extra mascara and even a slight cat-eye. Try a black liquid liner to achieve this look. 

    Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Ultra Lipstick, $23,

    Nars Blush in ‘Gina’, $30,

    Maybelline Eye Studio Master Precise Liquid Eyeliner, $6,

    Urban Decay Naked 2 Basics, $30,

    Maybelline Great Lash Mascara in ‘BlackestBlack’, $5,


by Adee Jakob | 2/1/2016