Ten struggles all makeup lovers know to be true

Being a makeup guru is totally great—but occasionally things go wrong and that new contour doesn't turn out quite like we planned. And when your eyeliner smudges after you've just taken a full ten minutes trying to perfect it? It can make you feel like crying—which, of course, will only make your mascara run, too. Still, the struggle is worth it for that flawless face. But sometimes a girl's gotta vent. Check out the ten struggles every makeup maven can (sadly) relate to.

1. Trying not to poke your eye out

Mascara, eyeliner, whatever it is. It takes some serious skill holding an object that close to your eyeball without accidentally stabbing yourself. 

2. Removing your makeup before bed

You don’t want to, especially if your makeup was A+ that day (which can be a rare thing). But in order to sleep, you have to. And it hurts.

3. When you give in and just leave it on for the night

You’re not going to wake up looking as flawless as you looked last night, believe us.

4. Trying to copy a makeup tutorials

One of your favorite YouTube beauty gurus just uploaded a new how-to and you plan to do everything in your power to mirror that same look onto your face. But it doesn’t always work out like you planned…

5. Two words: uneven sides

Having both sides of your face even—and on fleek—is about as rare as a unicorn sighting.

6. New makeup fails

We've all had that heart wrenching moment when that lipstick you just bought doesn’t look as good on you as it does on Taylor Swift.

7. Eating and drinking with a painted pout

The horror of seeing your fuchsia stain on top of your Starbucks cup or the tip of your fork. Time to go reapply…

8. Rubbing your eyes without thinking…

And all of a sudden you turn into a raccoon. Awesome. 


9. When you're late to pretty much everything

Because if you want your face to be a masterpiece, you’re gonna have to sacrifice some time.

10. When makeup is ridiculously expensive

You just need some new eyeliner, brushes, an eyeshadow palette... Wait, what do you mean that'll be $100?

At the end of the day, all that matters is you wear your makeup however way you want. So what if your brows don't perfectly match? They're sisters, not twins. You do you, boo!


What makeup struggles do you have?

Photos credit:  mel_marie_1203, ladysemmes, queenliz_34


by Danielle Bryant | 3/29/2016