These are the corsages you'll want to rock at prom this year

Prom is a night to remember, and one of the most exciting parts about it is putting together the ultimate lewk! We've already covered the cute and comfy shoes that you'll need for dancing all night long and the perfect poses for you and your friends to strike in your dresses, but there's another gorgeous part of your prom ensemble that often goes underappreciated...corsages! They're a great way to show off your fave flower, add a bit of sparkle and compliment your gown all at once. They're perfect accessories! Check out some of favorite wrist-candy below.

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    White roses are a great choice, because they match any and all gowns! (Especially handy for those of you still deciding between two different ones up until the last minute!) The green leaves and white ribbon add nice touches of detail. The flowers are classic and beautiful, and you won't need to worry about them distracting from the dress.

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    For something more bold, try a large, colored rose in the center, surrounded by smaller flowers and sprigs of berries for some spring-like touches. The navy blue ribbon offers a nice contrast with the rest of the corsage, but you could change it to match the shade of your dress. Keep the size of your arrangement large enough to be noticeable, but not so big as to be distracting.

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    Want to go bold? This arrangement is gorgeous, and you'll get compliments all night! The pinks, purples, yellows and whites throughout the arrangement make it easy to match to any pastel gown. The mixture of different types of flowers also results in a unique twist—the daisies add playfulness while the roses contribute classic romanticism.

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    Is your dress blue? This corsage might be perfect for you! The bright, bold color is accentuated by the contrast of the pristine, white roses. This accessory makes a statement, and the lighter ribbon and touches of green help to keep everything balanced. We also love the French manicure!

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    Is pink your favorite color? Are you looking for something elegant, but not boring? This could be the corsage for you! It is the definition of classic, with gorgeous roses that will compliment any prom dress. Roses are great because they come in many different colors. You can select any ribbon you'd like!

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    Looking for a pop of red? This corsage certainly does the trick! The bold shade will stand out immediately, so try to limit the number of flowers to 2-4 blooms. This corsage would be *especially* beautiful with your black or green gown!

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    Is your dress mermaid-inspired? Have you always dreamed of living near the ocean? This corsage has just a hint of sparkle, and its sea-green and silvery-blue shades will make your wishes come true!

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    This corsage is great for the girl who loves pearls. It is elegant, sophisticated and made easy to wear by the bracelet. The navy blue ribbon is beautiful, but could be replaced with whatever color you choose and the white flower makes it easy to match!

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    Not a fan of roses? Calla lilies are another great option. Their unique shape and beautiful shades of green will draw attention, and this corsage is the perfect size--not too big, not too small. The white will pop against a brightly colored gown. We love the bow!
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    If you want a forest-inspired springtime feel, look no further! This corsage makes a statement, and the pinks and greens compliment each other beautifully.


by Bridget Curley | 5/13/2017
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