How to take your fave summer makeup trends into fall

Whether you've been sporting orange and peach eyeshadow all summer or *finally* just bought your first highlighter, the struggle is real when it comes to changing up your makeup with each new season. We feel ya, girl! Luckily, this summer's *hottest* trends can work for fall too—and flaunting them for months to come is totally easy. 

Orange Eyeshadow

We heart this trend just as much as you do! Lucky for us, orange is great color for summer *and* fall. You can showcase the color on its own, or you can blend it in with red or brown hues—it's completely up to you! Or, if you were crazy about pink eyeshadow, try blending it in with orange. You'll be surprised how chic it looks.

Nude Lips

Are you even wearing lipstick? Of course you are! And it looks great! For fall, pair your nude lips with some colored eye makeup, to ensure that the lip doesn't wash you out against the traditional darker color scheme of autumn. 

Bold Lips

Oh how we love those bright pink and berry lips! If you're sporting the berry lips, you can keep on doing that all fall long. You could also experiment with new shades of red, whether they be burgundy or something more statement-y. If you are the type of girl who thinks in pink, choose a shade that drastically contrasts your skin tone.

Vibrant Eyeliner

This trend took us by surprise but we're glad it's sticking around for fall. Switch up your choices of colors but keep on rocking those bright eyes. Go for warm neon tones or even some darker-hued cool tones. To change your look but keep the eye popping effect, line under your eyes with metallic glitter!

Highlight for days

Highlight may have started out as a "do it for the 'gram" thing, but it has turned into a crucial part of the full face. Balance out your highlight with a perfect shade of bronzer to maintain some color in your face. You can keep your summer glow until Christmas with that duo!

Rose gold *everything*

We don't see anyone's rose gold obsession dying down anytime soon, so why not make the summer staple a year-round go-to? Transitioning this look has less to do with makeup and more to do with your outfit. Keep your makeup the same, but change up your clothes. If you wore pastel all summer, that rose gold color gave you a sweet and playful vibe, but that won't do for autumn. Go for navy blues and olive greens when you reach into your closet. The darker colors and contrast will make you look like royalty.

What's your fave thing about fall? What is your fave season? Share below!

Photo credit: Pinterest.


by Aly Prouty | 9/8/2017