Amp up your makeup storage with these 5 organizational tips

If you’re a gal who loves getting glam, then you probably have stacks and bins full of your fave products. If your makeup collection is slowly taking over your entire room or bathroom, don’t panic! We’ve found some of the *best* storage solutions for keeping your stash together.

If your collection isn’t gigantic…

If you’re a gal who stands by her tried-and-true faves, then your collection probably isn’t huge. You know what you like and don’t buy tons of new products to try. Keep all of your faves easily accessible with some cute baskets and pencil cups. They’re easy to find and *super* affordable. Stash your palettes in wire baskets (metallic will look good with any room!) and put brushes and lippies in pretty pencil cups.

If you’re trying to maximize storage in your bathroom…

This one’s a major DIY, but it looks so fab. You just need some cookie sheets, fabric and some magnets to create these cool boards. Everything will be right on display, so if you’ll always be able to find your fave products. Not to mention, it pulls double duty as wall art while you’re staying organized! 

If you want to store things in a drawer…

Maybe you don’t have the space to put your entire collection on display. Tucking your products away keeps them out of sight, but if you don’t have an organizational system in place, then you’ll be wasting time searching for something amidst a huge mess! Clean out that drawer you’ve been meaning to go through and buy some baskets or drawer dividers so that everything has its place. Make it extra glam by putting down some cute paper on the bottom of the drawer for a pretty peek.

If you want to keep makeup + hair products together…

This might just be the most genius idea ever. Grab a storage cart and start customizing! You can get fun stickers or use chalkboard paint to create labels for each section. This is the perfect solution for saving on space because you can wheel your cart into the bathroom, your room, or your closet!

If you’ve got a lot of things to keep in a small space…

If your collection rivals a Sephora store, then you probably need a major storage solution! Try hanging a shoe organizer over your closet door. You have tons of slots to fit everything, and it hardly takes up any room. Find one with clear shoe pockets so you can find what you need in no time. Don’t have a door to hang it on? You can also find ones that have a hanger and store it in your closet!

How do you store your makeup? Tell us in the comments below! 

Photo credit: Pinterest.

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by Maddie McGee | 10/26/2017