The hair color you should try this spring based on your personality

Spring hair, we care! That's why we're changing up our hair styles, with something new, fresh and exciting. Feeling daring and wanna freshen up your look? The change of season is the perf time to give something new a try. Follow this guide—or totally do your own thing!—for the hair color you should try based on your personality.

For the fearless
This caramel look is for those with short, long, thick or thin hair. *Yes* sooo many of you could pull this style off. In fact, so many strong, fearless celebs already have. (Hey there, Beyoncé and Demi). 

For the bold
Lighten your dark, black, beautiful hair with these brown highlights. The color difference is subtle, but oh-so powerful. Just like your bold self. 

For the adventurous chica
Ahh, how pretty is this? Although, we are transitioning into spring, you can still rock a dark, natural color. Especially, if your hair is black or dark already. In that case, going a shade or two lighter might be what you are looking for.

For the total sweetheart
If you are looking for a soft, sweet and gentle look, this golden blonde shade could do the trick. It will make your face look warm, glowing and oh-so-radiant. (Also, take note of those curls, #CurlPower).

For the gentle spirit
If you have dark hair, but would like to add a pinch of lightness to it, this look could be for you. (Not to mention that style: nothing screams spring, like this cute and fab halo braid.)  

Tell us in the comments below, how do you rock a spring hair style?

Photo credit: Instagram/North Laine Hair Company, Instagram/ValeenKalimootoo, Instagram/Halee Brooke McKenzie, Instagram/Kim Michalochristas, Instagram/Ashley Marie Bloomfield


by Alyshia Hull | 3/30/2018
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