10 fresh beauty hacks: Do less, live more!

Regardless of whether you love makeup or would rather go bare, the first instinct is *always* to look for the easy way out. We get it; life happens, and sometimes, there isn't time in the day to get the Pinterest look of your dreams.

While we can't all be Jaclyn Hill, we can get the fiercest looks (and skin!) in the least time using summer beauty hacks.

Check out our list of the best fresh face and body hacks to get you looking perf in no time!

1. Pamper yourself with two pillows


Much like when you're sick, propping your upper body up on two pillows rather than the norm one allows fluid to drain from your face while you sleep. As a result, you'll be looking fresh-faced and puffiness-free in the AM!

2. Go off with an intense lip look

Fortunately, even if you aren't a MUA, you can look like one by following these step-by-step lip tutorials. You'll practically be a pro by the end of this one!

3. Peel some apples

Apple peels are rich in vitamins A, C and E, which will keep your skin feeling soft and looking fresh, while the malic acid will act as an all-natural exfoliant. Plus, you'll have something to snack on during your routine!

4. Snag some ACV

Image result for apple cider vinegar

Speaking of apples...Apple cider vinegar makes an amaze hair rinse. Not only is it great for your body internally, but it brings back the shine in your hair, too. Just add apple cider vinegar to some water (with some essential oils for scent, if you'd like), and pour it into your hair. Rinse it out, and be prepared for some perf locks.

5. Try a natural deodorant

The summer months are arguably the worst time to run out of deodorant, but it still happens when we need it the most. Luckily, your kitchen is the best place to restock. Put some lemon juice in a spray bottle and go for it - just make sure you aren't freshly shaven.

6. Become a nail artist

Manis are pricey, so it's about time we figured out how to do our own at home. While you won't get the luxury treatment of a spa, you'll def get the look! Check out this vid with 17 ways to do some semi-pro nail art.

7. Look and feel like a celeb

If you're like us and totes envious of Ari's high ponytail, look no further. This vid focuses on how to get the fresh-faced and put-together look that our girl Ariana Grande champions, and we're *so* here for these hacks.

8. Try out aloe

Aloe vera is one of the best parts of summer because of its sunburn healing properties, but there is so much more to this fancy plant. From face masks to deodorant, check out these amaze aloe uses!

9. Know that contact solution fixes everyhting

If your old mascara just isn't doing it for you anymore, all hope isn't lost. Add some contact solution to relieve the tube of clumps and flakes, making the product practically like new! If it's older than three months, though, it's time to toss.

10. Don't lose your lip balm

While all of us are prone to losing a tube once in awhile, lip balm can actually be super useful if kept in check. This vid shows some of the best uses for lip balm, and it's totes worth buying some more.

Which beauty hack will you be trying first? Share your experience with us in the comments!

Photo credit: Birchbox, GIPHY, Healthline


by Logan Potter | 5/28/2019