New Year's Resolution? *Actually* getting the clear skin of my dreams

Acne is like that one frenemy who just keeps popping back into your life: You don't really like her but can't seem to lose her, so you have to find a way to deal.

That's why we asked these 10 amazing beauty babes to try the Acne Free Convenience Kit featuring Adapalene Gel 15G and the 2-Step Hydrating Sytem—and to give us their *totally* honest feedback. 

Hannah C., 18

My breakout bummer: "I've always struggled with unexpected breakouts that I have no clue how to prevent." 
How Acne Free helped: "Acne Free didn't dry out my skin like so many products do. I especially loved the treatment cream because it's something I'd never used before and it helped reduce my breakouts. I didn't realize that was a key step my skincare routine was missing!" 
#ClearSkinGoals: "I'm definitely more confident at school. I would always wear my hair down to cover my face, but now I can pull it back and feel proud." 
My skin secret: "Clearing up your skin is a holistic process. If you're washing your face but forgetting to moisturize, your routine probably isn't working for you. As soon as I started using a hydrating moisturizer after cleansing, my skin started to have a natural glow." 

Alana L., 15

My breakout bummer: "I would *always* break out right before important events. So frustrating."
How Acne Free helped: "My skin feels more hydrated than ever. I usually have oily skin, but the Acne Free cleanser has it feeling moisturized and healthy." 
#ClearSkinGoals: "Before Acne Free, I'd never tried a product that cleared my acne without damaging or irritating my skin. It's amazing how Acne Free can be so gentle yet so effective at the same time." 
My skin secret: "Create a routine that works with your schedule. Consistency is key!" 

Tilly B., 14

My breakout bummer: "I had tons of blackheads and tiny pimples all over my forehead." 
How Acne Free helped: "All those little forehead pimples? They went away! My skin is a lot smoother. Plus, it cleared up the blackheads around my nose." 
#ClearSkinGoals: "Having clear skin honestly makes me feel more confident. I don't have to wear as much makeup, so I feel more like myself." 
My skin secret: "Drink water! It's super important." 

Lauren S., 16

My breakout bummer: "I get acne on my cheeks, and it's always been a big insecurity of mine. I definitely struggled to love my skin texture." 
How Acne Free helped: "The tiny pimples on my cheeks have *finally* disappeared. They've always been tough to beat, and I'm so happy that Acne Free actually helped." 
#ClearSkinGoals: "It sounds silly, but having clear skin makes me feel like I can conquer the world." 
My skin secret: "Cleansing and moisturizing does wonders to improve your acne." 

Gianna S., 15

My breakout bummer: "Redness and breakouts near my cheeks. Especially in the winter, it's constantly flaring up, making my skin feel *so* dry." 
How Acne Free helped: "My skin is *so* much softer and smoother after using Acne Free." 
#ClearSkinGoals: "I'm ready to take on anything. I couldn't be happier looking in the mirror." 
My skin secret: "Don't constantly change up your routine. If you find a product that works for you, stick with it, And I'm sticking with Acne Free." 

Erin D., 15

My breakout bummer: "I've suffered from cystic acne for years. I always get Instagram comments saying how flawless my skin looks, but that couldn't be further from the truth." 
How Acne Free helped: "My acne has always been a battle, but since Acne Free I feel like I'm winning. My breakouts are clearing and the moisturizer is *so* gentle." 
#ClearSkinGoals: "There's nothing better than seeing your acne start to clear up and feeling ready to take on the world makeup free—and Acne Free." 
My skin secret: "Always take your makeup off before going to bed. Always!" 

Morgan H., 18

My breakout bummer: "Random breakouts and redness in my face. It can seriously affect my confidence day to day." 
How Acne Free helped: "I seriously noticed a change in my skin right away. I was so excited to see my breakout start to fade!" 
#ClearSkinGoals: "Thanks to the power of Acne Free, I'm feeling positive and ready to take on whatever the day brings me." 
My skin secret: "Be sure to use sunscreen whenever you're spending time outside—even when it's cold. Bonus points if you can find a moisturizer with sunscreen like Acne Free's." 

Laura K., 17

My breakout bummer: "So many products I try just bother my skin and lead to more breakouts." 
How Acne Free helped: "The Acne Free moisturizer definitely helped. My skin is feeling healthy, clear and smooth. I'm so glad it had a positive effect—and didn't lead to another breakout." 
#ClearSkinGoals: "I'm feeling so confident—like I can do anything (and even skip wearing makeup)." 
My skin secret: "Don't sleep with makeup on, and always moisturize." 

Katherine G., 16

My breakout bummer: "Uneven skin tone is something I've struggled with for years. Splotchy redness is definitely my skin's go-to look—and I can't stand it." 
How Acne Free helped: "I always had a few spots on my chin, and I started seeing them fade and show up less." 
#ClearSkinGoals: "Honestly, having clear skin is empowering. I usually worry about flaky skin and pimples in the winter, but now I'm stressing way less. The kit did exactly what it said it would: Make me Acne Free!" 
My skin secret: "Moisturize! Do it. Right now." 

Delaney L., 15

My breakout bummer: "Since I was younger, I've struggled with pimples and breakouts that come at random, unexpected times." 
How Acne Free helped: "My breakouts have really started to clear up since I started using Acne Free." 
#ClearSkinGoals: "Clear skin definitely makes me feel more confident—like I can go for my goals without feeling self-conscious. Plus, it's good to know I've found a product I can fit into my busy lifestyle." 
My skin secret: "Along with finding the best products, staying hydrated and eating healthy are important in clearing up your skin." 

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by GL | 12/30/2019