Here's how to create the *ultimate* summer glow this szn

After a year spent stuck indoors, it's natural to want some Vitamin D back in your vibe. And we're *so* here for it—with this super easy (and affordable!) DIY self-tan look. Keep reading for all the tips on how to create the ultimate outer glow-up to match your inner one. 

Step 1: Start with self-tanner. 

Our perfect pick? SOL by Jergens Deeper By The Drop Serum (Amazon, $18). We heart that this at-home tanner allows you to customize your look (you can add more drops for a deeper tan) and mixes with any moisturizer (Rn, we're into Glow Recipe's Watermelon Glow Pink Juice Moisturizer, Sephora, $21, Glossier's Priming Moisturizer, Glossier, $22 and Theraderm's Peptide Hydrator, Amazon, $52). Pro tip: Be sure to wash your hands thoroughly after applying any self-tanning product...and you can always exfoliate (gently) if you've gone too far. 

Step 2: Go extra *or* lo-fi on your look.

Don't shy away from extra drops if you're looking for a stronger tan—and combine with golden tones, cream blush and metallic highlight for an equally extra look. But if you'd rather keep things low-key? Just do a few drops (it's already combined with your moisturizer, win) and match with your mascara and glossy lips. You're good to go, whatever the day holds!

Step 3: Don't forget sun safety.

Remember that even though your fake tan is keeping you glowing—sans sun—you still need to stay safe, especially for beach or pool days (or, rly, anything outdoors). Even on cloudy days, choose the *best* sunscreen for you (One we heart? Theraderm SPF 43) and be sure to avoid any sun damage. 

Happy glowing!

Images: Slider: @ravevanias@solbyjergens/Instagram.

by Katherine Hammer | 4/7/2021