Here are our fave chrome nail looks for fall

When the leaves change, so should your nails. Whether you love deep hues or subtle neutrals for fall, combining an on-trend nail look with autumn colors guarantees a look we know you're going to love. We're dishing out tips on how to recreate a chrome mani at the nail salon or at home. Cheers to cute nails all szn long, sis. 

Every mani in this post can be created using the following steps. Just swap out the gel color and chrome pigment and you're good to go. 

🍁 After you apply your gel base coat, paint your nails using your gel color.
🍁 Cure your nails using an LED lamp.
🍁 Apply a top coat and cure.
🍁 Using a small amount of the chrome powder, press and spread it into your nail. You only want to use a small amount. so you can see the original gel color underneath.
🍁 Add another layer of top coat and cure your nails using the LED lamp. 

1. Red chrome


Deep red nails are *the* fall nail look every year. Like a candy apple on your fingertips, this red chrome look is sure to be an autumn staple. If you're a salon girly, you can ask for a burgundy gel with a pearl chrome. If you're a DIY queen, we love this burgundy gel and this Oyster Pearl chrome powder from Hona.

2. Glazed chocolate doughnut

Tbh, this look is everything. What's better than crunchy leaves and a doughnut? We're not sure. Ask for an espresso brown gel, like OPI's Espresso Your Inner Self with a pearl chrome. *cue the compliments*

3. Sage green


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Sage green chrome nails are a serious look for fall. To get this exact look, you can use this gel polish in shade Savage with the Sage chrome pigment. If you're a nail salon-only girlie, you can ask for an olive green gel with a sage green or pearl chrome. 

4. Copper chrome nails


Copper chrome nails are a *major* look this fall. Makes sense, since they're literally everything autumn dreams are made of. At the salon, ask for a copper chrome over a black gel. At home, you can use a black gel like this one and copper chrome pigment

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by Samantha Bothwell | 10/17/2023