How to rock a bold eyeshadow (without overwhelming your look)

If you're in a makeup rut this fall or just not quite sure *how* to step out of your comfort zone, might we introduce you to the pop-of-color eyeshadow look.

Before you start freaking out, DW: Bright shadows aren't just for the pros. There are plenty of ways to lean into color without totally overwhelming your look (or, tbh, looking like a clown).

1. Make your inner corner pop

Consider yourself a makeup newbie? The easiest way to experiment with a bold hue is to pop it in your waterline or inner corner. Try a cool-toned color like green or blue—since red, purple or pink could create the illusion of dark circles or irritation. Keep the rest of your look simple with a matte shadow on the rest of your lid.

Photo by Madelyn Willoughby

2. Line your lower lash line

Use a black or brown pencil in your waterline, plus a matching neutral shadow on the outer third of your lower lash line (this will help the color blend seamlessly with your look). Then, use a tightly packed brush to smudge a bright color in the inner part of your lower lash line, starting from near your tear duct. Use a fluffy brush to blend it with the brown shade.

Pro tip: This look pairs perfectly with a smoky liner. Apply a small wing with a liquid liner, then use a small, angled brush with a tiny bit of black shadow to blend it out.

Photo by Madelyn Willoughby

3. Smudge your eyeliner

First, draw a wing with liquid eyeliner, smudging in a black shadow with a small, angled brush. Then, use your fingertip to apply a pigmented shadow directly above it. Keeping the bold color blended and smoky with the liner will make it look more effortless.


4. Use shadow as eyeliner

Use an angled brush with a bright color (we're kinda obsessed with burnt orange for fall) to draw a winged look. If you're working with more than one shade of the color, you can add some dimension by using the darkest color as the base of the liner and blending the lighter shade above it. Sweep the wing into your crease to create a more unique look. 


Top image: @dovecameron
Slider image: @stormreid


by Madelyn Willoughby | 10/5/2023