Half and Half Hair

Hair that’s half up and half down made a return to the runway and red carpet this season, and it couldn’t be prettier. This upswept style is perfect when you want gorge locks but still want to show off your face and keep your hair outta the way.
We’ve got three fun ways to rock this style, whether you’re goin’ to school or hitting the town for a fab date!

Futuristic Fab
Wanna look that’s catwalk cool (but still works at Honor Society meetings)? Prep damp hair with a volumizer. Blow-dry locks, using a round brush to brush hair up and away from your face.
Use a comb to smooth all of your hair back. Then, take a half inch piece from each side and secure it with a tiny elastic (if you make it slightly off-center, it looks extra cool!). Finish with some hairspray and jet.

Pin-up Girl Updo Kit, $22,

Loose ‘n’ Laidback
Start with damp hair the night before you want cool waves. Apply your fave beach spray. Twist strands into a few tiny buns and secure with elastics. In the a.m., undo the buns and release the pretty waves. Apply some hairspray and scrunch for a sec.

Then, loosely pull half of your hair back. Gently push it forward to create a bit of height (not a full-on poof, though!). Secure with an elastic. A cute flower pin ups the girly factor, big time.

Chiffon Flower Hairclip, $3,

Glamour Girl
Start with dry hair. Use a comb to create a deep side part. Then, use a wide-barrel curling iron to create a few big ringlets throughout your locks. Pull half of your hair back and secure it with an elastic. A pretty clip adds just the right amount of bling!
Glam Gems Hair Clip, $8, Banana Republic

Bed Head Styling Iron, $25,


by Katie Abbondanza & Megan Parker | 2/1/2016
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