The *ultimate* checklist to pack your summer tote bag

Tote bags are the trendiest (and cutest) way to carry around all your stuff this summer. Whether you're heading off to the beach, the library, on a hike or trip, tote bags will help you "tote" everything around in style. We've got the go-to list of everything you *have* to pack in your tote. 


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Sunscreen and sunglasses

Protect yourself from the sun stylishly with a pair of sunnies and some SPF! Sunscreen is super important to keep your skin glowy and protected from the sun. 

Water bottle

Whether you use a Nalgene, Hydro Flask, or any other type of reusable water bottle, make sure to pack one to stay hydrated during the hot summer months! 

Disposable camera

Quite possibly summer 2021's *cutest* trend, disposable cameras are perf for capturing memories with your friends all summer long. Take snaps of your besties and all the fun places you take your tote!

A good book

Need a book rec? Check out our list of our top 10 books for Pride Month!

A mask (or two or three)

Some cute pastel masks will match *any* outfit, and packing a spare will ensure that you'll always have a clean one to protect you and those around you with!

Hair clips and scrunchies

Butterfly clips will match your Y2K summer aesthetic perfectly and hold your hair back during any adventures that you get up to!

The essentials (wallet, phone, keys)

Now that you've got all the fun stuff packed, let's not forget the essentials! Remember to pack your phone (to take cute pics with), your wallet (so you can buy an iced matcha) and your keys (ummm... so you can get back into your house?).

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by Serena Sherwood | 6/22/2021