Fall outfits inspired by Harry Styles

Harry Styles is a man of many talents—singing, acting and, yes, fashion. Some may even go as far as to consider him a modern-day fashion icon. With fall *finally* arriving, let's take a look at some of Harry's most famous looks for some much-needed autumn wardrobe inspiration. 

The *iconic* Grammy's outfit 

Blazer, $89.90 | Pants, $59.95 | Top, $23 | Phone Case, $29.95

Harry Styles won his first Grammy in 2021, and while many of his fans were ecstatic about this new milestone, a lot were focused on the incredible outfit he performed in. He was sure to turn heads when he performed Watermelon Sugar, a song that would go on to win a Grammy that same night—in this fit that sparked conversation around Harry's fashion sense and influence.

Harry's House album cover look

Top, $7.98 | Pants, $32.97 | Necklace, $55 | Earrings, $7

Harry's new album Harry's House may have come out earlier this year, but it's still stuck in everyone's heads to this day. Songs like As it Was or Late Night Talking are perfect for listening to when you *need* that boost of energy. This look is simple, yet perfect for fall. It captures the sweet, wholesome vibe of the entire album. It's perfect for a casual daytime look and can be a staple in your personal wardrobe. 

The Vogue look that broke the internet

Dress, $26 | Jacket, $18 | Choker, $3.20 | @harrystyles

Harry Styles became the first man to grace the cover of Vogue when he wore this infamous blue dress, breaking stereotypes and showcasing the power of self-expression through fashion. Harry has never been shy in his fashion and isn't one to hold back, so this outfit is the perfect inspiration for when you're in the mood for a bold yet elegant look. The mix of a light blue dress and a dark black jacket can create a powerful contrast. 

Watermelon Sugar vibes

Top, $5.93| Shorts, $13.93 | Necklace, $3| Phone Case, $23 | @harrystyles

Watermelon Sugar may be the song of the summer, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't use it for outfit inspiration during the fall season. A simple look for a day that isn't too cold, matched with the *perfect* accessories? Here for it!

Classic Harry Styles look

Top, $13.18| Pants, $17.99 | Purse, $22.99

On his days off, Harry can often be seen sporting a sweater vest or cardigan, usually with a funky pattern or design. The easiest way to steal his look is to search for these staples. A good sweater vest is a Harry Styles *must*—and is also perfect for the fall season. Match that sweater vest with nice accessories, and your look is golden (no pun intended). 

As It Was inspired look

Top, $3.94| Pants, $32 | Phone Case, $22.95 | @harrystyles

Harry Styles has never shied away from bright, bold colors, like in the outfit he wore for the As it Was music video. Harry wears a bright red, two-piece look that immediately grabs your attention. The phone case, which has a pattern of flowers and cherries (another Harry Styles theme), matches perfectly with the overall ensemble and can be much-needed accessory for this look. 

All the *important* accessories

Purse, $78 | Pearl necklace, $14.40 | Cherry necklace, $3.50| Bucket hat, $22.90| Clip, $32

When it comes to Harry's style, it's all in the accessories. From fruit-themed jewelry to pearl necklaces (a Harry Styles staple), you can't go wrong jazzing up your looks with these fun pieces. 

Cozy attire you need

Sweater, $34 | Necklace, $14.40 | Pants, $28

Fall is a time of rest and relaxation, so it's important that your wardrobe stays comfortable and cozy. Tbh, sweaters are essential when it comes to fall. A bright knit is a perfect addition to your closet, paired with a nice pearl necklace—another Harry Styles staple.

A look perfect for the Met Gala 

Top, $24 | Pants, $32 | Tank top, $7.18 | @hshq

In all honesty, it's not every day that you get invited to the Met Gala. However, that doesn't mean that Harry's look from the 2019 Met Gala isn't perfect inspiration for your fall wardrobe. This look will allow you to explore a darker side of your style. A moody fit like this is classy, yet also gives a bit of goth vibes in the *best* way possible. 

A formal look

Jacket, $99.90 | Top, $9.97 | Pants, $30 | Purse, $24.99

When you need a look that's both formal and fashion-forward, Harry Styles is exactly who you should look to. He rocks suits and formal attire effortlessly. This pastel suit is great for an elevated look that still gives you personality and flair. 

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Slider image: @hshq


by Mina Rahmat | 10/2/2022