Eco-chic celebs we admire--and easy ways to be just like them

Everyone owes a bit of thanks to Mama Nature and the wonderful earth we live on, but sometimes it’s tough to think of ways to show our love and care. That’s why we’ve got a list of inspiring celebs to help you think of the best way to celebrate Earth Day this April 22. Read on for tips and tricks from your fave stars on all things green…


Leonardo DiCaprio

Not only has Leo decked out his home to be completely eco-friendly, but the Titanic stud co-produced, wrote and narrated an eco documentary called 11th Hour about the human impact on the environment. He’s even got his own eco-website, check it out here.


Help out: Celebrate like Leo by updating your house to be more green (think: energy-efficient lights in places like your bedroom or living area). 


Jack Johnson

Not only has this singer-songwriter produced his albums in a 100 percent solar-powered studio in Los Angeles, but he also prints the covers on recycled paper. He’s even been revolutionizing the way people think of touring. While on tour, Jack recycles, eats organic food from local growers and lessens carbon emissions produced by his tour bus.


Help out: Follow this rockstar’s lead by eating organic produce and support your local economy at the same time by hitting up places like weekend farmers’ markets with the fam. 


Hayden Panettiere

The Nashville cutie has been involved with a lot of charities, but she’s especially passionate about saving marine life. One of the biggest campaign’s Hayden is involved in is Save the Whales Again, an organization that works with the International Whale Commission to ban countries from whaling.


Help out: If you too are an animal-loving chica, check out your local ASPCA to see if you can donate or get some volunteer hours in. Loving the earth is about loving its creatures, too!


Ben Howard

Musical artist Ben Howard gets down to the nitty-gritty to do his eco-friendly part. Recently, he paired up with Surfers Against Sewage and Barefoot Wine to clean up beaches all around the UK. The singin’ cutie personally visited 14 different beaches to pick up trash and make the sand “barefoot friendly.”


Help out: Wanna do your part to reduce litter and waste in the outdoors? Participate or even help organize a community clean-up day to pick up trash in your community.


Jessica Alba

After having her first baby, Honor Warren, Jessica was shocked to realize just how tough it was to find eco-friendly cleaning and beauty products for her family. That’s why she launched her own green brand called The Honest Company. Check out her site here.


Help out: Follow Jessica’s lead by buying biodegradable beauty products, or even try your hand at some homemade makeup.


Justin Timberlake

This Memphis native decided to revamp the golf course in his home state of Tennessee to decrease his carbon footprint, implementing water conservation techniques, as well as putting in only native plants to the area. His green attitude has even followed him to the West Coast: Justin drives a hybrid Prius when he’s in L.A.


Help out: Up your own green level by putting plants in your room. It’ll help regulate clean and healthy air and will look super cute at the same time.


Which celeb do you think is the most eco-inspiring? How do you celebrate Earth Day? Blog about it, babes.

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by Katie Lemon | 2/1/2016