YouTube star Annie LeBlanc shares her worst on-stage blunder!

Whether it's accidentally messing up lyrics on stage or dealing with "what the heck?!" sound issues, Annie LeBlanc has *definitely* had her share of "OMG" moments. Which makes sense, because this 13-year-old is always busy.

She's either going to school, singing it out for her fans (you probably know her song "Ordinary Girl")or working on her YouTube Red series We are Savvy, her show with serious girl-power vibes (season two premieres today!). Watch a clip from season two below:

We chatted with Annie about her favorite things (The Vampire Diaries, anyone!?) and go-to stress relievers...*and* played a quick game of Would You Rather?

When she's having a bad day...
Annie loves to pop some popcorn and plop into bed to watch Netflix. Right now, she's watching The Vampire Diaries and she's *totally* #TeamStephen. She also lights some candles to relieve stress – pink and oatmeal-cookie scented are her faves!

When she need advice...
Annie *always* goes to her mom for advice. "I can tell her anything," Annie admits. "If there is anything wrong with my performance I can say 'Hey, this isn't working.' She will help me calm down and help me focus on what really matters."

When she's about to perform...
When it comes to singing for her seriously-amazing fans, Annie actually listens to her *own* songs to pump herself up before a show! Other pre-show must haves: no stress, lots of water and—what else—Chapstick!

When she's just chilling...
Off the stage, she *loves*  country music Brett Young and Sam Hunt.

Would you rather...

Eat pizza every day or never have Starbucks again?
"Definitely have pizza for breakfast every day...I love Starbucks."

Always rock cute space buns or have pink hair for the rest of your life?
"Pink hair because you can do different styles with it!"

Always have an Instagram or Snapchat filter on your face or have to autotune all of your music to sound like a chipmunk?
"Definitely the Instagram filter, because that can be cool no matter what. My favorite Snapchat filter is the one with the glasses and freckles with leaves falling!"

Always wear your fuzzy slides or your Vans?
"Probably always wearing Vans because you can always be doing stuff in them. You can't really run in slides...!"

Would you rather have your own YouTube Red series or perform in a concert? Let us know in the comments!


by Alyson Trager | 2/27/2018