Sadie Stanley talks being an action hero and surviving social distancing

You don’t get your big break playing an iconic action star because you’re not at least a little heroic IRL. Sadie Stanley—who you might know better as the real-world embodiment of Kim Possible—is living, breathing proof of that. Sadie is trading in her Kimmunicator for a low-key life of crime in Netflix’s The Sleepover (which is streaming right this very second), which she says is “like Spy Kids meets Mr. and Mrs. Smith.”

We caught up with Sadie to talk about The Sleepover, what it's like to film action movies, and her advice for suriviving in the time of social distancing. 

GL: How does The Sleepover compare to Kim Possible

SS: They characters I play are very, very different. Clancy, who I play in The Sleepover, is very shy and reserved, which is very different from Kim. But the movies are pretty similar in that there's some fun action and adventure aspects. I definitely think that the training I did with Kim Possible helped a lot with any physical aspects of my role in The Sleepover. We had a few stunts here and there and, because I had that training under my belt, it made those a lot easier to do. So that was helpful because I love doing my own stunts. I'm always into that.

GL: Did you do a lot of stunt training to play Kim? 

SS: We did a whole boot camp for Kim Possible for the whole month before we started shooting. We just trained every single day with our amazing stunt and fight coordinator and that was a really fun experience, because I'd never done something like that. I was really eager to do as many stunts with my own as I could.

GL: You mentioned that Clancy and Kim are really different. Which are you more like in real life? 

SS: I think I'm somewhere right in the middle. I feel like I am both an introvert and an extrovert, depending on the day and the time of the day. I think I was a lot like Clancy in high school when I was a little bit younger, because me and Clancy were similar in that we both had these really big passions that we really wanted to pursue, but we felt maybe that it was a silly idea, or that maybe we didn't have enough confidence to truly believe in ourselves and not care what other people thought. I think me and Clancy are really similar in that way. But I think, as I've gotten older and kind of just become more comfortable in the skin, I have become a lot more like Kim because she's, she's confident and she's a leader, and she knows what she wants, and she doesn't really care what anybody thinks.

GL: We're so excited that The Sleepover gives us something new to watch on Netflix because we've all been watching so many movies and TV shows lately. What have you been watching during social distancing? 

SS: I love Ladybird—I think it's a big one for everybody. I also love Booksmart and Edge of Seventeen. And I just rewatched The Kings of Summer, which is a movie I watched when I was in middle school, and I remembered really loving it, but I hadn't seen it in so long. That's a great coming-of-age film about these boys who build a house in the woods to get away from their parents and it’s super, just so funny, but it also has some heart to it.

GL: What have you been doing to keep busy while we've all been quarantining at home? 
SS: I've been doing things that I never really had a lot of time for before. I used to play the guitar a little bit, but I kind of stopped. So I picked it back up since we're in quarantine, and I've been learning a lot of my favorite songs and stuff like that, and I've been getting pretty good. I'm excited about it.

GL: If your life were a TV show, what would it be? 

SS: I live with my twin sister, my two older brothers, my mom and dad and my grandma. And yeah, it's a little crowded. I share a bathroom with all my siblings, which is, you know, not always the most fun. We should for sure have our own reality TV show. It would be like Keeping Up With the Kardashians, but also so different. My family is just insane.

Me and my sister are like Kylie and Kendall, I think, because they always seem so close like us—at least on social media. They have a good, close sister relationship. So maybe we’d be the Kendall and Kylie [of my family’s reality show].

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by Kayleigh R. | 8/21/2020