I asked GL girls why 1989 (Taylor's Version) is so special. Here's what they said

Swifties everywhere have two things to celebrate today: the release of 1989 (Taylor's Version) and the nine-year anniversary (yep, to the day!) of 1989

Nine years ago, I strutted around my childhood bedroom to "Style." Not to mention that I bought the trendiest middle-school-girl commodity of the time: a baby blue Polaroid camera. 

Because of 1989 (Taylor's Version), I'm privileged to *still* have this album as the soundtrack to my life. 1989 (Taylor's Version) is apparently Taylor's fave re-recording, and I think it's mine, too. But don't just take it from me—everyone at GL has a lot of love for 1989. So, I reached out to Anne C., 17, Eva M., 17, Haley K., 19 and Madelyn W., 21 for *all* their thoughts on why this release is extra special. 


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First of all, 1989 is *the* pop album.

1989 was the year that Taylor Swift was born, but 1989 was when Taylor Swift was a popstar. Haley K., 19, was only 10 when it came out. "The fact that it was her first pop album was really exciting," she shares.

I'd bet that if you're a pop girly, you're a 1989 girly. But DW, that's a compliment: 1989 girls are fun and dazzling. Eva M., 17, dishes: "It's the perfect karaoke/dance party album to blast with your best friends!"

The release of 1989 (Taylor's Version) means that we all get to have our life-of-the-party moment. Brb, queuing up "New Romantics (Taylor's Version)."

Second of all, 1989 holds a lot of memories. 


Did you buy the 1989 CD with all the collectible Polaroids? Did you watch the "Shake It Off" music video in the parking lot with your mom after school? No matter how full-fledged Swiftie you were in 2014, it's a pretty fair guess that you have some memories of this album—or maybe just memories where 1989 was the background music. 

"I was on a family trip to New York at that time, and I literally listened to 1989 everywhere—on the plane, taxi, etc. ['Welcome To New York' was on repeat!] It really was the perfect album for that time," Anne C., 17, shares. 

Taylor may have vividly remembered when he hit the brakes too soon, but I remember when my mom downloaded "Bad Blood" on her phone for family road trips and when I first watched the MV at a sleepover like it was a celeb scavenger hunt. "I remember elementary talent shows filled with people lip-syncing to songs from the album," says Eva, adding that, "This album is my childhood!" Same, girl.

Third of all, 1989 has songs about a range of emotions. 


Because it's pop (perfection), 1989 may be an album that you would expect to be happy from start to finish, but its lyrics reflect all kinds of feelings. It tells tons of different stories: There's the thrill of "Out of the Woods," then there's the pining of "All You Had to Do Was Stay." And don't forget the romantic bliss of "You Are In Love." Tbh, there's a fave for everyone. 

For Haley, it's "I Wish You Would." She explains, "Love the vibes. It's like a stand-on-a-chair-and-scream-profess-your-love song!" 

But a good amount of Swifties would say the best song on the album is the last one, "Clean." After all, Taylor performed it as a surprise song on The Eras Tour multiple times for a reason. GL intern Madelyn W. shares, "In tough times ['Clean'] is so comforting, and I always find myself coming back to it. I love a good independence anthem, and it's a good song to hear when you're in a situation you feel like you'll never get over." 

Finally, 1989 (Taylor's Version) makes us reminisce 

"1989 was really the first time that I got to know who Taylor Swift was, not to mention the first time I actually started exploring what music I liked at 8 years old," says Anne. "So the re-recording is so special to me because in a way, it marks a full circle moment of me starting to get older and finding out what I liked or didn't like."

So many girls like Anne began to listen to Taylor Swift during her 1989 era, which means that 1989 TV is another time to talk about the word of the year (especially bc of the Barbie movie): girlhood. 1989 and 1989 TV uniquely connect two very important moments of life: childhood and becoming an adult. 

The original recording of 1989 reminds me of my own girlhood, largely because it came out when I was, well, a young girl (11 to be exact). 

"1989 (Taylor's Version) symbolizes the growth all of us have experienced between now and 2014. It inspires us to look back and appreciate how far Taylor has come, but also how far we've come as Swifties," says Eva. 

1989 (Taylor's Version) ushers me (and my fellow GL girls) into the beginnings of adulthood. I can look back at how much my heart has been broken and mended over the years. And I have the opportunity to realize just how much I've grown up.

But really, the main thing I've learned from talking with these girls about 1989 is: There's no better album to grow up with.

Want to keep up with the 1989 TV release rollout? @girlslifemag on Instagram's got you covered with all the updates! 

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by Kayla Conroy | 10/27/2023