EXCLUSIVE! Singer-songwriter Brooklyn Summer is the ultimate cowgirl chic inspo

Giddy up, gals—western chic is soooo back, and we have singer-songwriter Brooklyn Summer  to thank. This country girl has a knack for writing groovy songs with unapologetic lyrics, and her latest single "Cowboy Killer" is no exception. 

Between songwriting with her crew, crafting melodies on her guitar and fangirling over her fave country artists (she's a longtime stan of Carrie Underwood and Zack Bryan), Brooklyn's got a full summer planned. She spills all about her new releases, her experiences performing across Nashville and her biggest 'n' brightest musical dreams. Come along for the ride, y'all!

Girls' Life: Tell us about your new single "Cowboy Killer." What's the story behind the song?

Brooklyn Summer: I was on Music Row with my co-writers and friends and, as we were preparing to write, we were joking about how I'm shy around boys and don't talk to them. Someone said something like, "You don't have to talk to boys, you're a 'cowboy killer.'" [The song] is about how I tried to get this guy to notice me and knocked his boots off.

GL: "Cowboy Killer" def has a rockin', twangy '90s vibe. What made you want to go for that sound?

Brooklyn: Honestly, that's my authentic sound. I took out my guitar and started playing with different melodies. Some people are lyricists, but I see myself as more of a melody person.

GL: Which artists have you been listening to lately?

Brooklyn: I identify most with Jennifer Nettles, Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood. I love, love, love listening to "Fast Car" by Luke Combs. I also love listening to Zack Bryan and Cody Johnson. I recently started covering Jelly Roll and Lainey Wilson's "Save Me Lately." I'm obsessed with the melody!

GL: Soon you'll be touring around Nashville. What's it like to perform in Music City?

Brooklyn: I joke that Music City is my playground. All of the stages I play on are cool and unique. Some musicians are rock, some are bluesy and some are classic country. I am extremely proud to have played the iconic Bluebird Cafe and The Listening Room Cafe, a dream for every songwriter out there! In fact, the last time I played for The Listening Room Cafe, it was for a quarterly event with Radio SoBro & MoonPies. I got my picture on a special edition box of MoonPies!

GL: Could you walk us through the songwriting process? What do you do to feel inspired?

Brooklyn: I quickly learned that I have to be prepared for a co-write! I text my co-writers in advance to brainstorm and bring a couple of different ideas to the table. A lot of times one of us has a cool title or hook and we work around that. I work well with people who joke around and can be silly or fun. I have been blessed to have written with some of Nashville's finest hit songwriters and they keep the bar high!

GL: Tell us about your biggest musical dream.

Brooklyn: My biggest musical dream is to be signed by a top record label that believes in me and my music and wants to put me on tour. I can't wait to be playing stadium shows...opening for known acts and someday headlining my own shows! I also would love to play the world-famous Grand Ole Opry. You know you've made it when you get to stand in that iconic circle to sing your songs.

GL: What do you have planned for the rest of the summer...and beyond?

Brooklyn: I want to take my time in preparing to be the best opening and headlining act, both for myself and my band. It's truly a team effort. On a more personal level, I have a very special fan whose mother has Stage Three cancer. I would love to put out a song for him and his mom. I have always wanted to make a difference in the lives of others with my music. My friend told me today, "If you can touch someone through your music, you've done your job."

Album art by Annie Anderson.

Stream "Cowboy Killer" and more music from Brooklyn here!

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by Sophie LaBella | 7/3/2024