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Taylor Swift's CoverGirl ad banned in the U.S.

Uh oh! First it was Hailee's Miu Miu ad, and now Taylor Swift's CoverGirl ad is taking heat for excessive retouching. The Huffington Post reported that print advertisements for CoverGirl’s NatureLuxe Mousse Mascara were banned by the U.S.’s National Advertising Division of the Council of Better Business Bureau Claims for false advertising.
The NatureLuxe mascara promises twice the volume of your natural lashes with a formula that’s 20 percent lighter than other leading mascaras, but CoverGirl admitted that Taylor’s lashes were enhanced in the photos.

While we love when beauty products use natural ingredients, false advertising isn’t cool! But is this CoverGirl campaign more fake than other makeup advertisements? Should other photos be banned, too? Or is retouching just a part of the advertising process?

What’s your opinion, babes? Was the decision right, or should other ads be banned, too? Blog about it!

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by Meghan DeMaria | 2/1/2016