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April Fools! Play these light-hearted tricks at home today

April Fools Day is the one day of the year where you can get away with just about anything, and even though life feels really heavy right now, you can still have fun on this silly day. Here are five little pranks that will lighten the mood at home:

Play an epic game of sibling swap

You don't have to be a twin for this one! Switch clothes and personalities with one of your siblings and carry on for as long as you can. Answer to their name, pretend their BFF is your BFF—the more in character you get, the better!

Let your dog take over your Insta or TikTok

For the entire day, post pics and vids of your pet and make sure your captions are from his or her point of view. This is your furry friend's time to shine! 

Pretend to dye your hair

Have some wash-out hair dye in your house? The funkier the color, the better! Try to film your parents' reaction when you walk out of the bathroom sporting a shocking new 'do—then tell them that it's temporary *right* away. 

What's the best April Fools prank you've ever played?

by Jacqueline F. | 4/1/2020