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Exclusive premiere: Madison McWilliams' desert-chic video for "We've Got Today" is here!

The best way to pump up your Friday? New music, obvs. Lucky for you, we're premiering the video for Madison McWilliams' weekend ready track, "We've Got Today," *exclusively* for GL readers. 

In the vid, Mad doesn't let a little car trouble get her down. Instead, she parties it up with her friends—desert-style! And does so in a super stylish suede jacket, we might add. #Goals? Yeah. What's even cooler about the track and video, though, is this: “One little-known fact about this song," the 15-year-old singer says, "is I wrote it on the back of an airplane napkin on my way to LA!" 

The song, just released on Jan. 20, is the second single from her debut album due out this year. 

Check out even *more* "We've Got Today" fun with the BTS photos below!

by Sydney Adamson | 2/10/2017