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Exclusive premiere! Watch Bro4's new music video for "Dreaming"

Looking for an *oh-so-dreamy* new band to jam to? Bro4 and their brand new single “Dreaming” have got you covered. The band, made up of four brothers from New Jersey—Skylar, Levi, Madison and Casey—is premiering their new video exclusively with Girls' Life today, and we are so excited!

Before you watch, let's get to know the bros a bit better... 

The name. “We wrote a bunch of names in our iPhone on the Notes app and then when we all sat at the table, narrowed it down to the best, talked about it and put them in a hat and shook it up.” But they didn't actually pick a name from the hat! "Somebody shouted out 'Bro4' right before we picked, and we were like 'Yeah!'"

The struggle. The road to success hasn’t always been filled with happy times. In January, the brothers lost their father to liver cancer. Now they dedicate a moment of silence at each of their concerts to their father, someone who was always a creative and supportive force in their lives. "We wouldn't have been able to do this without our father telling us, 'You guys have to get your message out and really make sure that everybody can hear it," the band told us. The title of this new track seems even more appropriate for the group now.

The #goals. What’s their goal for this year? "Hopefully at the end of 2017, we'll be touring nationally. We really want to be able to give that back to our dad." With this killer single and big plans, fame seems inevitable for this quartet.

Check out Bro4’s video for “Dreaming” below!

Want more? Try out their song “Bruises,” an anti-bullying anthem that they recently performed at the White House Easter Egg Roll.

What do you think of Bro4's "Dreaming" music video!? Sound off in the comments.

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by Emily Cavanagh | 4/18/2017