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The holiday movie you need to watch right now based on your zodiac sign


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It's time to kick off the Christmas szn. Decorating and listening to Christmas music provides a desperately needed sense of escapism. We at Girls' Life love a good holiday flick and have compiled some recommendations based on your zodiac sign! This weekend, relax with a cup of hot cocoa, and get into the holiday spirit with one of these classic movies!

Capricorn — Christmas Vacation

Christmas Vacation tells the story of a devoted family man, Clark Griswald, and his unsuccessful attempts to host an old-fashioned family Christmas. Capricorn, you're a hard worker just like Clark Griswald, and you often feel like your efforts aren't appreciated. This movie will remind you to relax and take things one day at a time.

Aquarius — Miracle on 34th Street

Aquarius are smart and rational, much like Susan Walker, the young girl who doesn't believe the department store Santa her mother hired is the the real Kris Kringle. This movie will remind you of all the times you tried to pull the fake beard off of your local mall Santa, and leave you with a feeling of wonder and enchantment.

Pisces — It's a Wonderful Life

Pisces, I feel like you've been needing a good long cry for a while now— and this is the perfect movie to sob through. George Bailey's sacrificial spirit, the amazing love story, and the satisfying ending will restore your faith in the basic goodness of humankind for years to come.

Aries — Elf

If anyone has the guts to leave the North Pole and take the Big Apple by storm, it's you, Aries. You'll laugh while watching Buddy the Elf spread Christmas cheer all over NYC, and his self-confidence will leave you feeling empowered. 

Taurus — The Nightmare before Christmas

Taurus, I wouldn't say this is your favorite holiday movie, but you don't like people that get too into Christmas. And you're stubborn enough to make everyone rewatch this spooky animated classic with you. 

Gemini — Home Alone

I just know in my heart that Kevin McCallister is a Gemini. You're a slightly evil genius with more than a few tricks up your sleeves at all times. While you desperately need your alone time, there's nothing you enjoy more than decorating the Christmas tree with your family. 

Cancer — The Knight Before Christmas

Cancer, you're a pro at  suspending your disbelief in the name of love. This Netflix original is full of plotholes and cringe-worthy dialogue that you just won't care about, because the chemistry between Vanessa Hudgens and this time traveling knight is so heartwarming

Leo — Love, Actually

Though they would never admit it, a Leo would probably still watch this movie in the middle of July. You love watching beautiful people fall in love, and you never get bored of the multiple storylines. However, if asked, you will say Die Hard is your favorite Christmas movie.

Virgo — Jingle All the Way

Just like Howard, the overworked father (played by former California governer Arnold Schwarznegger), you would go to the ends of the earth to make the people you love happy. Watching will remind you that the greatest present you can give your loved ones this year, is your presence. 

Libra — A Christmas Story

My fellow Librans and I have already finished our Christmas wishlists, and have been "accidentally" sending the links to friends and family since October 1st. Much like Ralphie and his infamous Red Rider BB gun, you know exactly what you want and aren't afraid to ask for it, repeatedly. This movie will make you laugh and tear up out of sympathy for Ralphie and his most memorable Christmas.

Scorpio — Scrooged

Scorpios will definitely identify with Frank Cross, a cold hearted TV executive trying to produce an ambitious Christmas Special. The ghost of his old boss visits him and warns him that three ghosts will teach him the meaning of Christmas, and the movie descends into chaos from there. This modern-ish retelling of A Christmas Carol will inspire you to make your world a better place. 

Sagittarius — Polar Express

Sagittarius, the "Hot Chocolate" song lives in your mind rent free and you didn't believe in Santa until you watched this movie for the first time. After rewatching this animated classic, you'll feel a little magic in the cold air everytime you hear sleighbells.

by Elise Esquibel | 11/22/2020