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Want to start your model career? Passport to Discovery is your ticket

photo by Jess Chung

We at Girls' Life love helping girls discover their dreams. One of our favorite ways? Checking out *all* the talent at Barbizon's Passport to Discovery (PTD), where aspiring models and performers go for tons of real-world modeling experience, including the chance to meet agents and talent scouts looking to make modeling dreams come true.

So we hit Orlando to scout some GL talent, hang out with our friends at Barbizon and work with aspiring teen talent (when we weren't attending fun events poolside, ofc).

One of our first standouts at PTD 2021? Barbizon grad Madison Lloyd. She's a singer and model who radiates high energy, good vibes and authenticity.

image: Madison Lloyd

After slaying the singing preliminaries , Madison found herself prepping for the whirlwind of a week filled with runway shows, monologue moments and an exclusive final talent showcase—that she was accepted to perform in.

"The whole thing was indescribable," she spills. "I loved the thrill. I thought, 'shoulders back, chin up. This is my moment.'"

Madison is working hard to make her dream of owning her own talent and modeling agency. "I want to help aspiring young artists like me. I see model potential everywhere I go," she says.

image: Madison Lloyd

Looking to kickstart *your* career in modeling, acting and more? CLICK HERE to check out what Passport to Discovery is all about.


by GL | 12/1/2021