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EXCLUSIVE! We're doing mirror affirmations with Malia Baker. The Baby-Sitters Club actress and activist opens up about anxiety, self-love and breaking out of the beauty algorithm to become your most authentic self (we're sooo here for it). 

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Behold! The Beauty Issue 
Our best glow-getters, hair hacks, skin savers and more. These luxe and laid-back looks channel "That Girl" energy (put-together life not required).  

68 spring style secrets 
Gingham, floral, pastel and lace have been this season's staples for, like, ever. But there are simple ways to make these sweet looks feel fresh and oh-so-2022. Meet you on the picnic blanket... 

Stuck in the talking stage? Take our quiz 
Nbd, we just uncovered your spring relationship status. Answer these Q's about you + your would-be bae and reveal what's in the cards for you two. 

POV: You're the main character
Spring calls for a refresh and reset, bb. Own the moment and protect your energy with confidence cues created just for your star sign.

Tea party with the crew? Don't mind if we do...
Sooo we're spilling the tea on the Pinterest-worthy party of your dreams. Just invite your BFFs and it's pinkies up! 

Busy babes, unite! 
You deserve a lazy day. Regardless of what your insane schedule dictates or what your parents say, it's kind of crucial to relax on the regular. Here's how to make it happen.

The ~ultimate~ guide to changing up your hair color 
No doubt, coloring your hair takes some commitment, but trying a totally new shade or just a few baby highlights is a great way to express yourself. We asked the experts for their pro tips on dyeing your 'do without it ending in disaster.

Yup, *this* is how to get your dream internship 
The best way to take your future from vision board to IRL? Score a sweet summer gig. From cover letters to networking, we've got all the answers on how to get your career journey started. 

Cancel PMS breakouts 
Trust us: It's time to sync your skincare to your cycle. Turns out your period might be messing with your face more than you thought. Dw, we can help with that. 

Think positive—the right way
Bad vibes, begone! Yup, toxic positivity *is* a thing (and, tbh, it's not good for you) so here's how to look up...while staying grounded. 

Hey! Here's how to eat more veggies (picky eater-approved) 
Can't bear to eat Brussels sprouts? Think artichokes are awful? That was us—until it wasn't. Hear us out... 

Talk to your mom about...anything 
Constantly clashing? Go from major miscommunication to seriously in-sync with this step-by-step convo guide. 

Manifesting it: You, crushing it at crushing 
Stuck left on read and pining from afar? Gain the courage to take control of your romance story—your way—before the school year is done. 

Everything you need to watch, read and listen to this season...
Spencer Barbosa spills on finding self-love beyond TikTok (hint: look inward and do the work). We queued up *everything* to stream while you're stuck at home this spring break—and, yep, these movies and shows will take you around the world. Plus, actress Chloe Coleman is the new queen of the geeks—and we're obsessed (stay tuned to see her in *tons* of upcoming top secret flicks). Finally, we found the best book to match your mani! 

In this issue, you'll also find... 

🌟 Hey, it's time to love losing 
Yep, you read that right. Winning isn't everything—and experiencing failure might be *just* what you need to succeed. 

💞 Talk. About. Your. Body. 
Feeling empowered to discuss your body openly and without embarrassment is essential for about a million reasons. So why are so many girls still silent? 

💪 The throwback workout you didn't know you needed 
Hint: It's a hop, skip and a jump away. Jumping rope is srsly an amaze workout. Here's how to master some of the most magnificent moves. 

👄 "Beauty isn't binary"  
YouTuber Brendan Jordan tells their story of discovering makeup and their gender identity in this v. empowering essay.

☔ Upgrade your rainy day 
Now even dreary Saturdays can still pass the vibe check. Read on for amaze inspo on *every* rainy day activity you can imagine—with your BFF, your fam and even your bae. 

+ Dear Carol on tackling friend group drama 
+ You need to avoid *these* tricky love triangles 
+ The newbie's guide to...putting on lipstick 
+ We gathered up a perf playlist for any sitch (find them all on our Spotify!) 
+ Allllll the awkward spring break moments 
+ Tons of fun and freebies
...and so much more!



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Image Credits:
April/May 2022 Cover (Malia Baker): Photographed by Sean Scheidt. Styled by Leila Bani. Hair by Alicia Chowen. Makeup by Zabrina Matiru. Fashion: Photographed by Sean Scheidt. Styled by Lo VonRumpf. Hair by Heather Weppler for Exclusive Artists using Oribe. Makeup by Agostina for Exclusive Artists using Glossier.

The Beauty Issue: Collage created using images from,,,,,, Main Character: Tea Party: Busy Babes: Hair Color:  Positive: Mom: Crush: Entertainment: Spring Reads Giveaway: The Beauty Awards: Sean Scheidt.

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