How to show your besties you love them

Your besties know you heart 'em, but that doesn't mean you can't keep finding ways to show it!  Whether you're trying to cheer up someone who's feeling low or you're planning a surprise for a special day, we're sharing simple steps to shower your squad with love.

For your school besties: 


Slip them a note in their backpack—just a little surprise to switch up their day.

Send them a TikTok that reminds you of them.

Share your fave sweet treat, bc everyone need a mid-day pick-me-up

Lend them that book you know they'll spoilers, though! 

Offer to help braid their hair before their big class speech. A new look can be a confidence booster!

Send them a good luck text before their next history exam. It's good karma. 

Have an impromptu dance party in between classes—we love friends who are always down to share an earbud.

For your besties next door:


Become their personal cheerleader and show up at their next big game with a homemade sign.

Make them a Spotify playlist full of songs you *always* jam to together.

Plan a backyard picnic (we're feeling cheese + crackers, or maybe something more like this).

Go on a bike ride and show them your secret sun-tanning spot.

Wake up early for a sunrise hot chocolate morning hang.

Pick a show to watch—and promise to only watch the next eps together.

Host a clothing swap! That T-shirt you never wear anymore? Your bestie would adore it. Everyone deserves a li'l wardrobe update!

For your clubmates/teammates/anywhere/everywhere besties:


Suggest a jewelry swap. Exchanging necklaces means bringing a piece of your bestie with you wherever you go.

Meet up to try a new craft together. There are tons of origami tutorials online, and all you need is paper.

Host a game night. Ask everyone to bring their favorite board game so you'll have a lot of choices.

Create some paintings together. Set a timer and, after a few minutes, switch canvases. Switch as many times as you like—and you'll leave with a truly unique masterpiece!

Host a book club (we've got a few recs here).

Those cute pics sitting on your phone? Print one out and put it in a frame for your bestie.

Host a movie marathon! It can be IRL or on Zoom! Try and pick a movie none of you has seen before.

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Slider image: @erica.ha
Top image: @julesleblanc


by Camille Duplechain | 4/11/2022